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The Caer Carnivore is a furry household now in San Jose, California.

It was a social focal point for some of the early furs from the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas and was resident of several noted furry artists.

Movie Night[edit]

From nearly at it's inception in 1995 until 2005, the NJ Caer Carnivore would host a weekly "movie" night on Tuesday evenings. While it initially grew out of the dubbed anime that locals were providing to New York Animation Society (FANTA), it soon became a gathering of artists, furs and friends.

Many furry artists and new furs were introduced to the fandom here. Regular attendees included Uncle Kage, Gideon, Roxikat, Astor, Bennie, SusanDeer, Jay Shell, Rob Fenelon, Gerald and Richard Moriarty and more.


In addition to regular gaming and movie nights, there were often weekend social gatherings.

On his birthday, Wolf Kidd would host an annual gathering that drew from both locals as well as strongly from the Toronto furry artist community. Regular attendees included: Ferris, Max Blackrabbit, Mel. White, Torrle, Andrew Murphy-Mee, Shawntae Howard, etc.

The house played host to two weddings: Wolf and Anastasia Kidd in 1997. Ken and Lisa Sample in 2002.

The caer was the central organizing point and binding location of the A.P.A. MegaMorphics.


New Jersey[edit]

It originally was formed in December 1995 when Ken Sample and Anastasia Kidd purchased a late Victorian 3-story house in Dunellen, NJ.

Over the years the residents have included: Anastasia Kidd, Dorthy Vonkannon, Lisa_Lynx, Wolf_Kidd, and SueDeer.

In June 2006, the house was sold and the then current residents went their separate ways. Ken and Lisa moved out to San Jose, CA. Wolf Kidd moved to Lewisville, TX. Anastasia Kidd remained in Dunellen, NJ.


In April 2008, the house was reformed. Original residents Ken Sample and Lisa Lynx were joined by former movie night members Bennie and SueDeer. Additionally moving in were long-standing friends Cory Partypup and Orrin. Name was "updated" to Caer 2.0 in honor of the New Jersey house.

In 2018 the lease was not renewed at the landlord's option, thus the household was forced to move on to a Caer 3.0 nearby.

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