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Cabincon is a furmeet which takes place annually in Scarborough in England. It has traditionally been held in July and takes place in small, rented chalets on the beach. Due to the costs of hiring the venue, a nominal fee is charged for attendance, currently set at £10 although waived in case of hardship.[citation needed] In 2022 the event had around 50 attendees.


The First Cabincon took place in July 2014 and was organised by Sval, drawing participants from across the region to a small beach cabin in Scarborough North Bay.[citation needed] The event took a three-year hiatus before returning in 2017 with a larger cabin and more attendees.[citation needed][clarify] The 2018 iteration was larger still,[clarify] including an extra cabin for storage purposes.[citation needed]

Cabincon 2019 was organised by Seadragom and Sterling and was held in two adjacent cabins in order to provide space for attendees. Due to a larger-than-expected attendance, the convention was able to raise over £100 for charity, donated to MNDUK (Motor Neurone Disease/ALS) in honour of Dogbomb.[1]

Cabincon 2020 was to take place on July 25, 2020[2] however this was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic[3], and then again to 2022, where it was held on July 9[4].

The next CabinCon will take place on July 8 2023[5].

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