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This article is about the teddy bear collector and plushophile. There is also a Dutch furry fan called C-Bear.

C-Bear, also known as CoolBear (born 24 November 1979[1]), is a furry plushophile from Manchester, UK.[1] He maintained a site dedicated to teddy bear collection and plushophilia, from 1999 to 2009.[2][3] Featured inside were articles on how to make SPHs inside your plushies, as well as numerous pictures of plushie sex. He can also be seen in furry guises or one of his many fursuits, including the eponymous CoolBear.[4]

C-Bear's alias is derived from the animation C-Bear and Jamal,[5] first aired on FOX in 1996. He is also a fan of Brother Bear.[6]


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