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C-4's furry fursona, drawn by C4.

C-4, also known as kovat (real name Ciaran James Miskelly; born on August 2, 1992), is British (Irish/British) anthro artist from Hampshire, England, born and raised mostly in Germany.


His fursona is a green and blonde pholf (70% red fox, 10% fennec fox, 20% Irish wolf), named Cade James Furdelance, more commonly known as C-4.

C-4 was a scalie, based on artist Lizardbeth's style until October 2008, his incarnation being a furry. C-4 is a little bit of a smart-arse and rarely takes anything seriously, even if the situation calls for it.

He prefers to read, eat, and doodle profanity in his spare time. C-4 detests egg salad, as well as vegetarian food.


Kovats style is primarily evolved from Lizardbeth, as well as a multitude of artists works who he has been exposed too. He varies with several ways of coloring or line-art, depending on how lazy he feels.

Kovat most commonly uses Adobe Photoshop 7, but has slight experience in acrylic and watercolor paints. He also has slight experience using pastels, chalks, and charcoals, watercolor pencils, poster paints, stenciling, and printing

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