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Furry Writers' Guild
drawn by Frank LeRenard
Author(s) Manager: Sean Rivercritic
Founder: Sean Silva
Launch date April 26, 2010
End Date Ongoing

The Furry Writers' Guild is a furry writers' association with the aim of bringing writers of all levels of skill and ability together to help improve the quality of furry anthropomorphic fiction. Founded in April 2010 by Sean Silva and led since September 2013 by Sean Rivercritic, the Guild aspires to facilitate community building and information sharing between writers and readers of furry literature alike.



The purpose of the Furry Writers' Guild is to support, inform, elevate and promote quality writing and writers of anthropomorphic fiction.[1] The also are hosts the Cóyotl Awards, an annual juried award for "excellence in anthropomorphic literature", run by the Furry Writers' Guild since 2012.

Web site

At the core of the Guild is its website, which aims to bring together people and resources and organize them into a cohesive whole. It collects useful links and information from throughout the internet and the furry fandom, including various writing resources, articles, distributors and publishers of anthropomorphic related literature, and an up-to-date Furry Writer's Market listing many publishing opportunities throughout the community.

Fur Affinity group

On January 31, 2011, a group was formed on Fur Affinity for Guild members, aspiring members, and other interested parties. Anyone may freely watch the group, and by doing so, automatically receive updates of new publishing venues and other news to their Fur Affinity inbox. Guild members are also authorized to post the Guild icon on their Fur Affinity profile page.


Although the web site and forums are open to all, full membership in the Guild is only available to writers who have met certain criteria for publication.[2] Associate membership is offered on a case-by-case basis to "specific individuals who have made key contributions in the field of anthropomorphic fiction (such as editors and publishers)".


Membership in the Guild is free, but requires a writer to meet simple publishing criteria. Presently the available options are to either have at least one published entry in a paying venue, or two published works in non-paying venues. In either case, the written work must have anthropomorphic characters or themes. The publication venues themselves do not have to be inside the furry fandom, so long as the published work itself is appropriate.[3]


Membership provides access to a members-only section within the forum[4] as well as providing announcements and advertisements for upcoming projects and publications through the website. It also provides recognition to its member authors and offers them a way to use their talents to improve furry fiction for everyone.


Current members of the guild include:


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