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The Cóyotl Awards is an annual juried award for "excellence in anthropomorphic literature", run by the Furry Writers' Guild since 2012. Winners are announced at a ceremony held during RainFurrest.[1]


Guild members are eligible to nominate works in six categories (short stories, novellas and novels, each in general and mature audience subcategories) based on plot, characters, setting and literary merit.[2] Comics and graphic novels may also be eligible, based on word count. Membership in the guild is not required for a work to be nominated; however, works not published in a venue which qualifies an author for Guild membership are subject to review.

Conversely, previously self-published, non-nominated works may be nominated in a current year if republished in a qualifying venue. Members may not nominate work with which they have a monetary, editorial or domestic interest. The top four works nominated in each category, and any tying with them, are presented to Guild members for a final vote.

The Award is presided over by a five-member council of Guild volunteers, who have the authority to interpret the rules and determine the eligibility of a work, including "questionable works".

2012 winners[edit]

In the Award's first year, General Short Story had five nominees due to a tie; Mature Short Story and Mature Novel also had a full slate of nominees.[1] Conversely, Mature Novella had only one nominee - which won by default - and General Novella and General Novel just two each.


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