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Jovino and Mermaid at their booth.

Bunnywarez was a company started by Jovino and Mermaid which sold a variety of animal/furry-themed items such as clip-on kitty ears, fleece character hats, and jammies. The creators of the Ninja Bunny and Ninja Kitty hats, they are probably best known for their full-body animal jammies (for grownups).

The company started at Further Confusion 2005, when the pair thought that it might be fun to try their hand at selling some furry creations, in the hopes of offsetting convention expenses.

All Bunnywarez items were their own original designs, made in Oakland, California.

On or around June, 2013 the Bunnywarez website went offline without explanation, replaced with a placeholder page stating that it would "be back soon." Since then the store has not re-opened.

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