Bunny Mischief

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Bunny Mischief
Bunny Mischief banner.jpg
Author(s) S'Zero Alaris
Launch date 2006
End Date present (inactive since August 2008)
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Bunny Mischief is a furry webcomic by S'Zero Alaris. It was originally titled Critters but was later renamed, possibly to avoid confusion with the comic book series Critters.

At one point in the strip's early days, S'Zero, who produces a good deal of adult artwork, asked fans of the strip whether they'd like to see it go more in that direction. The consensus among fans, many of whom are also fans of his adult works, was to keep it a fun, clean strip.


The storyline follows the adventures of two bunnies, Miya and Maya, who live in a burrow where they build various machines. They live near a garden from which they steal carrots, and which is guarded by a puppy. The puppy thinks he's a rabbit too and is in love with Miya.

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