Bunny Brewster

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Bunny Brewster

Bunny Brewster is on Second Life as a Wolf Valley resident, builder, and scripter. His cathedral-shaped dance club is directly to the east of the Wolf Valley park.

An avid musician, he has been playing guitar since 5 and owns several guitars and other string instruments, though his preference is for Ibanez electrics. He enjoys MIDI guitar technology and owns three generations of them: a 90's-era Yamaha G50+G1D, 80's-era Yamaha G10 "stick" MIDI guitar, and an 70's-era Arp Avatar. He has also collected a large number of synthesizers, samplers, and other electronic music-making gear including a few "vintage" synths, but prefers dabbling with FL Studio Producer and Csound.

He is known as Rabitguy on FurryMuck, Tapestries, and Flipside MUCKs, as well as on LiveJournal.

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