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BunnyHugger, also known as Ringo, is a furry artist whose fursona is a nonanthro devilbunny character. She is the size of a large domestic rabbit and is white with black patches. She originated on the Usenet group alt.devilbunnies, a shared-universe story-writing group about evil, intelligent rabbits (indistinguishable from ordinary rabbits except for having sharp teeth and claws) that wage a secret war against humanity. She is also a character on several MUCKs and has become the fursona of her creator. Her frequent sidekick is a nonanthro Eastern gray squirrel named Chitter (also played by her). She describes herself as a reformed devilbunny, and is a vocal advocate of moral behavior.


In the alt.devilbunnies universe, BunnyHugger was originally a human college student who was transformed into a devilbunny in November 1993 and brainwashed to become a master propagandist for the devilbunnies. She worked for them in this capacity until suffering a breakdown in her conditioning in mid-1996, which also made her insane for a while. She was rescued by escaped squirrel slaves in spring 1997 and recovered (more or less) under their care. She repudiated the devilbunny cause, began championing the liberation of enslaved squirrels, and became allies with the human anti-devilbunny resistance known as the Fudds.


BunnyHugger joined FurToonia MUCK in 1996. She is currently on the helpstaff. In August 2008, she declared her intention to run for Lord Mayor. She set an election date for August 22, to be held by a show of hands in the Town Square. No one ran against her or challenged her right to hold an election, and she was elected unanimously by the few people who did show up for the election. She now wears a ceremonial medallion proclaiming her Lord Mayor of FurToonia. Her first official act was to appoint Chitter to the post of Deputy Lord Mayor, and her second was to write the words for the FurToonian Anthem.


BunnyHugger joined SpinDizzy MUCK in March 2008 and it is currently the MUCK she is seen on most frequently. She claims to have arrived by squeezing through a portal that appeared in her apartment in FurToonia. In February 2010, she ran for Mayor of SpinDizzy, coming in second to Jaxen. In February 2012, she again ran for Mayor, this time coming in second to Enkeli. She is the Content Editor of SpinDizzy News, the MUCK's news site, and is on the helpstaff.


BunnyHugger joined FurryMUCK in June 2008. She is not very active on this MUCK, but when present is most commonly seen in HoneyBadger's Burrow. Her home is in the Burrow's guest room.

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