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Buhha/Bubba (by TaviMunk)

Buhha (also called Bubba; born November 8)[1] is a babyfur who lives in San Jose, California, USA. His fursona is a three-year-old black and white dog/wolf hybrid.

Buhha (in character and in real life) is autistic. He enjoys wrestling, pizza, music, trains, and planes.

Buhha As Adult is A Diaper Fur he also ABDL but only in home his fur Mom And Fur Dad fully support him along with rest of fur family and friends. He don't like being babied a lot he don't do a lot babied things. He does talk like baby sometimes crawls he has a paci and is plaining on getting a crib. He also Wets him in his sleep.

Bubba Family[edit]

Buhha lives with His Mom a 30yr old Husky Named LauraDog His dad try's to be in his life as much possible but always because he is scientist he is Golden Retriever that goes by Science Dog. He lots of brothers and sisters to much to mention.


Buhha fursona has been done by a lot great artist TaviMunk Marci McAdam Wen toddlergirl StrawberryNeko Subdivisions Onzeno He wears many diapers He mostly wears a red diapers but he has them many colors and designs and off course plain white ones.

Favorite Things[edit]

Favorite Food Pizza Favorite drink Dr Pepper he like to watch old Nickelodeon music Rock and roll he also like watching WWE

None Furry[edit]

Bubba In Real life is pretty much same as his fursona except he don't wear diapers he don't know if he ever will worried about what people think. He also

is very shy he has social Antexy he enjoys Human ABDL art his favorite artist is Pink-Diapers on DeviantArt
Bubba As Human By pink-diapers
other artist he likes

KK Bunny Mifmaf Immelmann Kalida Moophins Rocket Manatee


Bubba Loves to role-play he doing for long time he started in Yahoo! in there chat rooms. He has played both male and female he as role-played as a Dog, Cat, Werewolf, Alien, He love age regression and Age play Role-play. Evan do he has been role-playing since he was teen he is not very good at it becomes hard for him to find people to play with he role-plays with his Fur Mom on Fur Affinity.


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