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The cover of the second print compilation, Returns.
Author(s) Jerry Keslensky
Update schedule Tuesdays & Thursdays
Launch date July 2009
Genre Anthropomorphic/furry,Parody/satire

BugPudding is an online comic created by Jerry Keslensky. It updates twice a week, on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Bug Pudding is a community located in Lake Tuberville Georgia, inhabited by different kinds of bugs, critters and plants. The comic strip follows the adventures, as well as the social and political interactions of the group as they just try to live normal types of lives. The term Bug Pudding comes from a graphical description of the stuff you sometimes have to scrape off your windshield. It is the result of a bug, who traveling down the highway of experience, fails to pay attention and runs smack into the oncoming automobile of life. There will hopefully be a “splattering” of truth in every Bug Pudding comic strip.
Life near Lake Tuberville is not always a fantasy; sometimes it's more like the stuff that you have to clean off the bottom of your shoes. The local critters try to stay out of trouble, but more often than not they end up in humorous misadventures.


There are currently two BugPudding compilation books available in print

Book 1 - BugPudding Turning Green[edit]


Book 2 - BugPudding Returns[edit]



Turning Green[edit]

Chapter 1 Home Warming
Monroe is forced to abandon his turtle shell home due to the summer heat. It seems that swarming flies have caused the frogs, who live near Lake Tuberville, to over eat and produce excessive flatulent gas. Monroe can't cool off by swimming because the global swarming has created too many green louse gasses and the lake is all frogged up and uninhabitable.
Chapter 2 Vapors Of Evil
In an effort to escape from being bitten by the fleas brothers during an unexpected trash can party, Monroe runs head long into the Beauregard Bug Bomb testing range and meets Agile, a mutated bug. Monroe's pal Bentley joins them only to learn that the bugs are being held prisoner by some mysterious villain. Agile runs off and the others try to follow his trail.
Chapter 3 Den Of The Doomed
Reunited with Agile and his new found companion Rockford, Bentley and Monroe proceed toward the secret hideout of the evil Dr. Beauregard, the tree rat who is putting subliminal messages in mobile phones in order to rule the world.
Chapter 4 Out Of Running Room
Monroe, who had a typical panic attack, has fallen off a cliff and gone over a waterfall ending up in an under water dungeon where he finds the captive bugs. In an attempt to rescue the bugs, Monroe puts on a fungus suit disguise and pretends to be a squirrel.

The Big Stretch[edit]

Chapter 1 Exercise In Futility
Dalton and Doc are house plants that feel that potted plants are not fairly represented in government. They create the Teed-Off political party to organize and affect change. Doc's pot is invaded by uninvited squatters and he is forced to seek legal help.
Chapter 2 Running In Place
Splunker, an earthworm, meets Bentley and they decide that there is a need for political reform in Lake Tuberville. The only current candidate for mayor is the incumbent crook Bucksnort T. Shyster.
Chapter 3 Pedaling Down Hill
Monroe encounters Basscomb the trout who is the victim of trickle down unemployment in the sport fishing business. The fish convinces Monroe to take his case to the government. In the process Bentley and Splunker recruit Monroe to run for mayor.
Chapter 4 Swimming With Sharks
The battle for mayor of Lake Tuberville evolves to its logical conclusion when Monroe and Bucksnort meet in a winner take all boxing match.

The Hive Of Deception[edit]

Chapter 1 The Trap
The flea brothers invade the hive of the bees in order to steal their honey. In the process they wreck the hive and run off blaming Gunther the slug for their misdeed.
Chapter 2 The Hunt
Gunther, the slug, is suffering from low self-esteem because he believes that the French people only like to eat snails and not their cousins the slugs. Gunther is searching for a shell so that he can become a snail. Meanwhile Bo Gater, the swamp inventor and chef, is hunting for the secret ingredient for his latest gourmet dish. He needs a nice fat juicy slug.
Chapter 3 The Rendezvous
Bo Gator enlists Slimey, the swamp scrounger, to help him locate a slug. Bentley, Monroe and Splunker wanting to help Gunther with his self-esteem problem go off in search of a girl friend for the slug.
Chapter 4 The Train Wreck
The flea brothers are on the lam after wrecking the bee hive. They are trying to hide out by disguising themselves as Gunther the slug. Slimey discovers the fleas and hatches a plan to use their slug appearance to satisfy Bo Gator's grocery list. The fleas agree to follow Slimey to get a free boat trip. Meanwhile, the viking bees are still searching for the critter who wrecked the queen bee's hive. They find a calling card clue that leads their search to look for Gunther the slug. Gunther is still wearing a hockey helmet as a shell pretending to be a snail when he is confronted by the bees. Slimey puts the fleas in a bag and presents them to Bo Gator. But the foul smell of bagged bean eating fleas gives the switch away and Slimey is about to be gigged. Finally, Gunther's true slug identity is accidentally outed by Splunker in front of the bees but fortunately they lose interest due to a turkey sighting. Gunther and Splunker both decide that one snail is plenty.

Tour De Tuberville[edit]

Chapter 1 Just Hanging Around
Agile and Fatz get into a rope climbing competition that escalates into an aerobatic chase.
Chapter 2 It's Not My Vault
Agile attempts to win a pole vaulting competition and produces the usual disastrous results. Never arm an ant with a long pole and spring loaded shoes.
Chapter 3 Pedal Pushers
Agile decides to enter the annual Tour De Tuberville Turtle VS Rabbit bicycle race. He meets great resistance from Monroe who would rather race a rabbit because it's safer. But Monroe relents and agrees to race Agile which really rubs the Bunny Brotherhood the wrong way. It's not smart to make the bunnies angry.

Haunted Memories[edit]

Chapter 1 The Coming Storm
Monroe, Bentley, Splunker, Agile, Rockford and Skratch all set out to find Fame and Fortune in a treasure hunt.





Dr. Beauregard
Bucksnort T. Shyster


Ms. Vidalia
Itchy, Scratchy, and Floyd - The Flea Brothers



Other Characters[edit]

Bo Gater
Slimey, Slippery and Louie - The Frogs

Locations and Settings[edit]

Lake Tuberville
The Wastelands
The Bee Hive

History of the Comic[edit]

First Story "Turning Green" starts July 29, 2009
First Story "Turning Green" completes May 4, 2010
Second Story "The Big Stretch" starts May 6, 2010
Second Story "The Big Stretch" completes November 2, 2010
Third Story "The Hive Of Deception" starts November 4, 2010
Third Story "The Hive Of Deception" completes May 26th, 2011
Forth Story "Tour De Tuberville" starts May 31st, 2011
Forth Story "Tour De Tuberville" completes Oct. 20th, 2011
Fifth Story "Haunted Memories" starts Oct 25th, 2011

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