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Buckshaw is an anthropomorphic bay stallion standing a shade under 6' (1.8m). HIs breeding is 3/4 New Forest pony and 1/4 Swedish Ardennes draft horse. He is mostly a deep red-brown colour, contrasted by a jet black mane and tail. He darkens at the elbows and knees, but with white gloves and one white sock on his right ankle. He has a butterscotch-toned nose and a diamond-shaped white star between his eyes. Buckshaw has a medium build and weighs about 175 pounds (80kg). He is around thirty years of age. Buckshaw can be found occasionally on FurryMUCK, but his main furry hangout is FurAffinity.


Buckshaw is akin to a furry tattoo artist, having perfected a chemical technique for permanently altering the pigmentation of hair at the follicle, allowing furries to grow custom designs in their fur. He calls this Artificial Permanent Pigmentation, or APP for short. Buckshaw has an APP himself - an abstract design reminiscent of horses' tails in the wind, applied to his left upper arm.

Artificial Permanent Pigmentation (APP) is a fictional (part of roleplaying backstories on MUCKs such as FurryMUCK) chemical technique of altering the pigmentation of hair as it grows from follicles. This is used by furry characters to create customized designs in their fur, similar to a human tattoo. The APP chemical compounds and process were first discovered and perfected by Buckshaw, a pony stallion on FurryMUCK.

How It works[edit]

As a rough overview, APP works by affecting the behaviour of melanin (pigment) producing cells (known as melanocytes) present near each hair follicle. There are two compounds used in APP: Umbraxin boosts melanin production in the follicle, causing the hair to grow a darker shade, and Paleifixin that retards melanin production, meaning that the hair will grow lighter. In general, Umbraxin is used on lighter-furred individuals to produce a darker contrast to the surrounding hair, and Paleifixin is used on dark-pelted creatures to create light-coloured designs. Neither one of the compounds is capable of altering the hue of the hair, only its saturation level. Therefore, only lighter and darker shades of the existing hair colour can be produced.

The process[edit]

Once the customer has selected or created their desired APP design, the APP artist uses electric clippers and a razor to produce a hairless area where the APP will be situated. A transfer will then be applied to the skin if the design is to be traced (some APPs are done freehand). The APP artist then uses a brush or pen to apply the APP compound directly to the skin where the pigment alteration is desired.

The effects[edit]

A skilled APP artist can use multiple applications of the two compounds to achieve various effects. Each application of Umbraxin will produce a darkening of the subsequent hair regrowth, and the artist can wait for each application to dry, then reapply to effect a further darkening. This allows the creation of many different shading levels. Similarly, repeated applications of Paleifixin produce a progressive lightening effect. As the compounds are both colorless, transparent liquids, and the effects cannot be seen until the hair regrows, a significant degree of skill is required to produce the more complex APP designs.


The character was created on November 14, 2005 by a mostly anonymous player who has been an active fur since 1994. Buckshaw's player likes to draw. From 1994 to 1996, he produced furry art using traditional media. He took a break from furry art between 1996 and 2005, then returned using digital media. His work is now produced using Adobe Photoshop CS5 on a Macbook Pro with Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. Buckshaw's artwork can be seen on FurAffinity.

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