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Dino face by Chris Sawyer

Chris Sawyer, also known as Buck Sawyer, was born in Maryland in 1969. As an artist, he is known mostly for M/M artwork. Chris has a huge interest in anthro animals and has loved seeing them in comics and movies, especially the werewolf movies of the 80's. He does not like any specific type of animal, but his favorites are horses, dinosaurs, sabretooth cats, bird anthros, and dragons. Chris prefers a realistic style above any other form of artwork. The majority of his art is inked and uncolored, and he tends to do single frame work. However, Chris has created several TF sequences. His best TF sequence is titled cs-Undressage, a series of inked drawings with a character named Virgil, an Andalusian horse, and Daphne, his owner. He currently has 1569 items on his website.

He was a Navy EOD and is a serious motorcycle hobbyist, owning several bikes himself. Chris has several other hobbies including archery. He sometimes hosts furry gatherings at his home in the Los Angeles area.

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