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Carrizo Kitfox (real name J. Mateo Baker, born 1976), is a furry fan, audio engineer, 3D artist, W:Visual effects specialistmotion capture specialist and software programmer who lives in Rohnert Park, California, USA, who currently runs the Furrywood project and website. He had previously founded the Furry Basketball Association, a fantasy basketball league, under the fan name Buck Hopper.

While a graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles starting in 1996, Baker created Furrywood, a Hollywood-like location in FurryMUCK. He actively participated in the location until his graduation from USC in 1998. He was later employed by Visual Concepts, and contributed to a large number of video games made by the company until he moved to the Seattle, WA area to accept a position at Nintendo in anticipation of the launch of the Wii. He later returned to Visual Concepts after the studio was purchased by Take-Two Interactive and most of its employees were moved into Take-Two's 2K Games subsidiary in 2008. He continues to work for 2K Games in their Motion Capture department.[1].

In 2008, he applied for a patent for a "process for digitizing video over analog component video cables"[2].


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