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Buck Hopper (real name J. Mateo Baker, b. 1976) is a Rohnert Park, California-based artist, writer and podcaster who currently runs the Furry Basketball Association, a fantasy basketball league.

While a graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles starting in 1996, Baker (as his then character Carrizo Kitfox) created Furrywood, a Hollywood-like location in FurryMUCK. He actively participated in the location until his graduation from USC in 1998. He was later employed by Visual Concepts, and contributed to a large number of video games made by the company until he moved to the Seattle, WA area to accept a position at Nintendo in anticipation of the launch of the Wii. He later returned to Visual Concepts after the studio was purchased by Take-Two Interactive and most of its employees were moved into Take-Two's 2K Games subsidiary in 2008. He continues to work for 2K Games[1].

In 2008, he applied for a patent for a "process for digitizing video over analog component video cables"[2].

Buck Hopper[edit]

Buckhalter Andrew "Buck" Hopper, the rabbit fursona of Baker, is a superstar point guard in the FBA. Buck is also credited as the producer of the The FBA Post Up Podcast.


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