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Fursona avatar drawn and used by Bryndle Sibe.

Bryndle Sibe, or just Bryndle (born May 1993), is an anthro artist and fursuiter from Ohio, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bryndle discovered the furry fandom in early 2008, when she had seen the term "furry" used on a forum and looked up the definition.


Bryndle's character sheet.

Bryndle Sibe's fursona is a light copper Siberian husky. She has dark red bangs split into four parts. She sports glasses, a gold earring, a purple marking going around the middle of her tail, and three purple dots under her left eye. She is odd-eyed, having a neon blue left eye and an emerald green right eye.

Bryndle usually wears a purple-striped polo shirt, black, rolled up capris with a pocket chain, and maroon leg warmers. She also wears a neck ribbon with a solid gold pendant hanging from it. She does not always wear this combination, and can be seen wearing other things, such as hoodies and denim jeans.

The last name "Sibe" was chosen because it was feared that Bryndle may be confused with a wolf, cat, or even a fox.


She owns a commissioned partial husky fursuit. A second version is currently being constructed, as the first came out decently but was a very poor quality. It will be a full suit rather than a partial.

Bryndle hopes to one day sell fursuits to commissioners, but she is currently working on improving technique.

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