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Bryan Derksen is an author of transformation stories who formed 1/3th of the Great Round Robin author collective, alongside Jon Sleeper a.k.a. Buck (who authored The Winds of Change series) and Brian Eirik Coe. He was 1/5th of the successive Teen Round Robin collective, alongside the aforementioned Sleeper and Coe, and Doug Linger (a.k.a. Xodiac) and Trey McElveen. (Both collectives are set within Jon Sleeper's Winds of Change universe.)

He is a graduate of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, with bachelors' degrees in both molecular genetics and computer science. He also contributed many solo stories to the now-defunct Transformation Story Archive, and is also the initiator of the Xanadu story universe. Currently, he is an active contributor to an administrator of the English Wikipedia, and is the head administrator of the Shifti Wiki. He was mentioned in at least two articles by Wired Magazine: The Book Stops Here and Wiki Becomes a Way of Life.

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