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The Brussels Furmeet is a series of furmeets located in Belgium, and run primarily by Belgian furs, starting in late 2007.



The first time the name came up was for the week-end of 29-30 September 2007 when Djem proposed a furmeet at his former home in Auderghem. Roughly twelve furries ended up visiting his home. The result was a merry and unstructured event due to the fact of the quite large amount of furs that showed up for a furmeet that was intended for a half of a dozen Furries.

There is still debate about if we can name this furmeet the first Brussels furmeet (the photo gallery was originally labelled "DjemFurence"[1], before being retroactively included into the Brussels Furmeet). The facts are that it awakened the talents of the people who started the next one.

First large Belgian Furmeet[edit]

The next edition (or the first, it's still not clear) took place on the weekend of 8-10 February 2008. This time, activities were pre-planned.[2] Still, preparations were rapid since, as the other time, not that many people were expected.

Thirty furries showed up. A good number of them were from France, and the group included some local celebrities such as Timduru and Cookie.

The team
Other contributors

Bruxelles Strikes Back[edit]

A Brussels Furmeet 3 was planned the day right after the previous one by Djem, but it languished for some time as merely a post on the FranceFurs forum.

However, there appears to have eventually been an event, Bruxelles Strikes Back in October 2010 involving fursuit bowling, Q-Zar, and a visit to the Parc du Cinquantenaire.[3]


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