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The Brussels Furmeet is a series of furmeets for Belgian furs. It was started in late 2007, and may continue into the future.



The first time the name came up was for the week-end of 29-30 of september 2007 when Djem proposed a furmeet at his former home in Auderghem. There came up like 12 Furries at his home. The result was a merry and unstructured event due to the fact of the quite large amount of furs that showed up for a furmeet that was intended for a half of a dozen Furries. There is still debate about if we can name this furmeet the first Brussels furmeet. The facts are that it awakened the talents of the people who started the next one.

First Large Belgian Furmeet[edit]

The next edition (or the first, it's still not clear) took place on the week-end of 8 to 10 february 2008. This time, thing were planned ahead. Still in the fast way since like the other time, not that much of people were expected. Some remainings of this are still viewable on, a dedicated site to that event.

There were like 30 Furries who showed up. A good part of them were from France and included some local celebrities like Timduru and Cookie.

The team was composed of:

  • Djem: Main organisator, owner of the house, Fursuit dance mixer
  • Clover: Treasurer, owner of the annex logees, responsible of goodie-pack
  • Ardagan: Webmaster, main cook
  • Desim: Webmaster, logistical aid, secundary cook

Other Contributors are:


A Brussels Furmeet 3 was planned the day right after the previous one by Djem. It never became more than a post on a Board of Francefurs...