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For the artist, see Brushfire (artist).
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Brushfire is a tabletop anthromorphic wargame produced by On The Lamb Games. It is is "a skirmish war game in which animals fill the role of historical parodies."[1]

The game is played with white metal miniatures manufactured by On The Lamb Games representing military characters based on historical characters. The game is meant to be a parody of military history using mostly indigenous animals of the countries each faction is based on. The initial rulebook was released at Gen Con 2010, and contained eight factions.

A Roleplaying Game based in the world of Brushfire using Mongoose Publishing's Legend system has been announced.[2] It is expected to have a May 2012 release.[3]

Game Play[edit]

Players control an army of models led by a hero model acting as a commander. At the beginning of each turn players will roll a d10 to determine which goes first, the winner of the die roll gets to activate a number of models that are the same species, have the same equipment, and are within three inches. While activated the controlling player does all the available actions with those models, when done his opponent may do the same with a group of their models. After both players have activated all of their models the turn is over and each player will roll for initiative once again. This continues until the game's victory conditions are met.[4]

Players build their armies using a three resource point system, similar to computer based RTS games. Before playing the players will choose a maximum amount of Food, Lumber, and Gold that their armies may use. Troop models generally only cost Food points, while there equipment and upgrades will cost Lumber and Gold. Heroes (models that lead the armies) are enlisted using a fourth resource, Hero Levels. Hero Levels are determined separate from the resource limit and determine the overall power of heroes on the battlefield. While heroes will have the same stat block regardless of level, players can assign Hero Levels to each hero to give them additional abilities and equipment.


Eight factions were included with Brushfire =Historia Rodentia=.

The Empire of Aquitar[edit]

Based on Napoleonic France
In the days before the Empire, Aquitar was a sick and dying country. Its rulers had once been majestic benevolent kings, but, by 1789, Shrouis XVI had reigned in luxury and despotism. By the time that the Moles, nomads from the east, had burrowed into Aquitar, the country was at the threshold of revolution. The leader of the nomads, Louis de Bore, would find himself quickly involved in the affairs of the country, his charismatic speeches and tactical skill resulted in the successful overthrow of the Corelingian Dynasty. Unfortunately he would soon succumb to wounds sustained in the final battle, and was posthumously styled Moleon I, Emperor of Aquitar. His adopted son would become the defacto first Emperor of Aquitar, as Moleon II. After taking the throne, Moleon II began a war to retake lost lands. To the horror of noble families only the most skilled soldiers rose in the ranks. Farmers and city workers that joined the Grand Army were given Dukedoms and other noble titles, pushing out the old class for actually competent allies. His reforms didn't just stop at the troops employed but their equipment and the tactics developed. In a few years, Aquitar expanded its borders into its ancient holdings, pressing against their old foes.

Faction Highlights

  • Undermine - All models in the Aquitar Faction can ambush, and be placed anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Elite Infantry - Aquitaran soldiers strike fast and strike hard, don't expect armor to protect you too well.
  • Tactical Genius - The heroes lead their battles from the hill, out maneuvering their enemies skillfully.

Faction Summary
Aquitar invests in highly skilled, powerful troops, their cost counteracts that power, resulting in fewer soldiers on the field. Their heroes boost their ability even further, making Aquitaran troops unstoppable.

The Commonwealth of Axony[edit]

Based on Napoleonic England
The greatest seafaring nation in the world began on the small rainy island of Axony. Today their colonies dot the coastlines of every inhabited continent. Thousands of ships cross the oceans every year, keeping the world's power seated on the tiny track of land. The ego of its citizens matches its power, and its soldiers march into battle, assured of Axon victory and superiority. Axons do not realize that below their massive naval empire lies a criminal one. the Bandits of Ashdown Forest, and the Pirates of the Albator have destroyed the moral fiber and wallets of Axon citizens. To combat this internal threat, Parliament has organized a group of "Experts" each a man of specific skills, to seek out threats to the empire and destroy them.

Faction Highlights

  • The Experts - A group of exemplars that have had mysteries and stories told of their exploits. Though each functions independently, They act in coordination acting like a squad without base cohesion.
  • Tea Time - Bloodshed aside, Axons refused to let civilized life be disrupted. Once every 4 turns, Axon models may take a break and heal 1 VY.
  • Bearded Highlanders - Their northerly cousins, the Gaelites, have never seen eye to eye with the Axons civilized life-style. Highlanders take every defeat personally, every death, the death of a brother. Best not make them angry.

Faction Summary
Axony is a powerful group with a soldier for every occasion, and Experts moving about the field solving any problems beyond another soldier's scope.

The Kingdoms of Chugoku[edit]

Based on Three Kingdoms China
Far to the east of the Mare-Civitas, and south of the snowy reaches of Eastern Vandalands, lies one of the largest kingdoms in the world, and it lies in ruins. With the constant assailing from their island neighbors, and the inept ruling of its aristocrats, Chugoku has found over a century of conflict within its own borders. As leaders and peasants alike choose sides, their ancient foe, the Shogunate of Ribenguo, plans to take advantage of the instability. Despite its problems, Chugoku still has the highest quality of living of any nation. Gardens and food a plenty, gluttony more-so. Every day magnificent statues of long dead heroes are erected, along side irrigation waterways and paved roads. Merchants and explorers from all corners of the globe travel to the city centers to discover medicines and sciences beyond their comprehension. Perhaps the most revolutionary being the explosive black powder, used around the world for firearms. Chugoku remains extremely rich, despite bleeding money in senseless war efforts.

Faction Highlights
Broken Kingdom - The once proud nation of Chugoku has been thrust into civil war. Four sub-factions now vie for control, and provide the player with several special rules for their selection.

  • Yellow Tail - The lower classes have revolted against their decadent leaders and sworn to a religious path. Yellow Tail soldiers fast weekly and cost 2 fewer FD than other troops.
  • Red Claw - Having stolen the Imperial Seal during a moment of crisis, the pirates of souther Chugoku stand behind its holder with pride, having a boost of +2 CM.
  • Blue Fang - The young emperor's caretaker has stood fast behind the throne, For years his forces have had a hand in every military action, and an eye on every foe. Blue Fang models may reroll any KE roll once per phase.
  • Green Eye - With his inept nephew under the thrall of a corrupt bureaucrat, the Green Eye leader calls for a return of the Han Dynasty to power, under his rule of course! Many of the people, not swayed by the Yellow Tail rebellion have flocked to his banner.3d10 + KE Civilians (1 VY, 0 in other stats) join his cause in battle.

Faction Summary
Chugoku a has large variety of Heroes, Exemplars, and Troops, but must select a sub-faction, changing their overall play style accordingly.

The Free Cities of Mare-Civitas[edit]

Based on Spanish Conquistadores
Before the age of gunpowder, before the age of sail, the Holy Rodentian Empire spanned from the Mare Civitas north to the Axonian Channel, and far east to the mountains of Chugoku. In the days before the decline of the Corelingian Dynasty, Charles de Mange, King of the Shrews, refused to favor one son over another in their dispute for the throne. Instead he split the kingdom amongst them. His eldest son, Lowther would follow in this fashion, splitting his own kingdom amongst his children. These lands, along the coast of the Mare Civitas, and the islands off the shore are now numerous independent city-states. Despite the many times these small countries squabble amongst themselves, their common lineage ties them together in times of strife. Today the Merchant mice thrive on trade and colonization with their armada of warships and merchant marine vessels, controlling the world's waterways. Their masterful weapons designs have protected them both from attacks by sea and by land, their island and coastal fortresses neigh impregnable. Allied with the Capybara of Vespuccia, the city-states stand unified against outside threats.

Faction Highlights

  • Mercenari - The amassed fortunes of the merchantmice allows them to take more mercenaries than other factions. Additionally they can spend food like gold to pay for these mercenaries.
  • Heavy Weapons - Chipmunk engineers have created devastating weapons feared by potential invaders.
  • Leaping Lancers - Though most troops of Civitas are lightly armored conscripts, the Mice Lancers are the pride of the Free Cities, striking from the sky.

Faction Summary
The Free Cities rely mostly on low cost, high count troops to protect their borders, However their army selection is much more diverse with the choice to take more mercenaries than other factions.

The Shogunate of Ribenguo[edit]

Based on the Sengoku Period of Japan
Long a mystery of the western world, Ribenguo is spoken of merely in tales and words of warning by Chugokan merchants traveling abroad. Each story contradicts another, described as marauding pirates by one teller, and as ancient mystics by another. Ribenguo stands today as an isolationist country, ruled by the longest continuing ruling line in history. The Tanuki Dynasty has lost its military power, however, to the Shoguns, expert generals with the skill and armies to keep other Samurai in line.

The Samurai of Ribenguo have to contend with enemy spies and assassins, when their leaders cannot find the focus to place their attention to their foreign borders. However, each generation of Shoguns, as their base of power crumbles, points to the Chugokans and other foreigners as the source of all problems in their territories. When the battle plans are set, the entire might of the Ribenguan army is brought to bare against their enemies. Their current foothold on the mainland has tipped the balance of power in favor of this ancient empire.

Faction Highlights

  • The Seven Wanderers - A group of Exemplars that have become friends over a hundred battles. Unlike normal exemplars which join troop squads, the Wanderers join together as a squad, creating a horrible force that roves the field.
  • Shinobi - The foxes of Ribenguo have long trained in stealth and assassination techniques, troops should watch their backs when fighting this army.
  • Samurai - the Tanuki of Ribenguo have pledged their lives to honor their masters and their families, any of them would give their lives for victory.

Faction Summary
Ribenguo is a faction of elite warriors, most important of which are the Wanderers, each one with their own epic tale of battle.

The Scyzantine Empire[edit]

Based on the Ottoman Empire
The great fortress of Agaminople, seated at the center of the ancient capital of Scyzantium, Lacerta, stands today as a testament to reptilian fortitude. Challenged both by invaders from the west, attempting to take the cradle of life from its rightful owners, and by imperialists from the east, beyond the mountains, the Scyzantines have fought foes on their own terms, on the dunes of their homeland. For centuries the Sultanate has guided the lizards, turtles, and other reptiles of the deserts with a unified fist.

The current Sultan, Varanus the Lawmaker, has kept the most stable government of the Empire, even able to call upon the Zabarans and the Khonshans, in times of great need. His diplomatic skills have even brought the last of the Hassassins into the reptilian fold, working as messengers, scouts, and spies.

Faction Highlights

  • Progeny of Alhazred - The scaly skin of all reptiles provide a +1 AR
  • Siege Tortoise - These massive creatures act as mobile war machines, breaking down walls and crushing foes.
  • Vizier's Guidance - The ministers of Scyzantium advise their lords both in government functions as well as in military tactics. Their abilities are extremly varied, providing a number of unique attacks.

Faction Summary
All troops of Scyzantium are incredibly tough, providing enough defense to slow down attackers and allowing their own heroes and war machines to destroy the invaders.

The Vandalands[edit]

Based the Vandals of Germany
From the north the barbaric hordes rode down upon the great Rodentian Empire, long steeped in corruption. With its fall came the dark age of the world, taking nearly a millennia to recover. By 1000 two new empires had risen, Scyzantium in the eastern deserts and the Holy Rodentian Empire in the west. The two fought over faith and territory for generations. Until the unified tribes and countries fell upon old ways, set against themselves. Though the Holy Rodentian Empire is now divided, the spirit of the Rat King, the leaders tailbound to protect their lands and each other, pervades the Vandalands, giving rise to the honorable barbarian.

Faction Highlights

  • Heart of the Fatherland - A Vandalands army may convert Gold and/or Lumber to Food at a 1:1 Rate
  • Knightly Heritage - Elite troops of the Vandalands have steeds and count as cavalry.
  • Raiding Hordes - The low cost Vandal troops have multiple wounds, having a higher survival rate.

Faction Summary
Due to their 'sliding' food resources, Vandals can be an incredibly high count army, but still have troops tough enough to survive like high cost models.

The Tribes of Zabar[edit]

Based on the Zulu Tribes and Dutch Settlers of South Africa
The mysterious jungles south of the 'civilized' world have long rejected colonization, but with the discovery of rich diamond and gold mines throughout the region, the many tribes must band together to fight foreign invaders. Hyena, Boars, and even Vandal settlers fend off the industrial machinations of the colonists from Axony, who bring more soldiers into the war every month. Becoming more outnumbered everyday, the tribes have turned to the great elephant chieftan Loxodon to lead them in a ferocious fight, and to once more show outsiders why they feared the dark jungles of Zabar for millennia.

Faction Highlights

  • Highveld - Zabar models gain +1 WS and +1 AR while in cover.
  • Tribal Witch Doctors - The Hyenas of the jungles are experts in war medicines, providing power to their warriors and weakening their enemies.
  • Heroes of guerrilla warfare - The lioness huntresses and ivory chieftains of Zabar know just where to lay in wait and surprise their foes.

Faction Summary
Zabar relies heavily on their troops being in the right place with the right bonuses, and their heroes taking an active role in combat. With their powerful Ivory Chiefs, Zabar players have less risk of losing their generals to fighting troops.


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