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Brown Leopard (Ronald R. Packer II, born October 6, 1977)[1] is an avid fursuiter, amateur radio operator, electronics technician and computer technician who lives in Ohio, USA.[1] He owns his own computer company, and is the primary webmaster of His character is an anthropomorphic Amur Leopard.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Brown Leopard was both in charge of Security at Morphicon, and the convention's webmaster.


In July 2011, Brown Leopard was arrested, along with his wife, Wolfie Stonespirit, and fellow fur, Keba, for theft. Police recovered "a large amount of stolen property" from their home.[2][3][4] Brown Leopard also had a warrant for his arrest from West Virginia, for a "failure to appear on a weapons offense".[5]

On 1 September, 2011, Brown Leopard plead guilty to two counts of breaking and entering, and one count of possessing criminal tools, each felonies of the fifth degree.[6] A count of theft was dropped as the result of a plea bargain. He was sentenced to 23 months imprisonment; however, on October 6 days he filed for judicial release, which was granted; Brown Leopard said "Part of our speedy happenings were that it was in my plea bargain".[7] He was released by November 11.


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