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BrokenHeartedHowler (real name Brittany. b. June 1994) is female furry who lives with her foster parents in Sydney, Australia. She has a half-sister in the country of her bloodline, France. Her parents are deceased, the most recent loss being her mother, who died in 2008. She is dating Chinqua, and has three dogs.


[edit] Fandom involvement

Whilst admitting to being a sociable furry, Brittany tends to neglect the social side of the fandom. She appeared once at a furmeet in late September 2011, and declined an invitation to FurJAM by one of its hosts, Foxdale. She has described her interactions with the live fur community as 'pleasant', but she also admits that she prefers to keep her status as a fur closeted. She is expected to attend MiDFur with another one of her furry friends, Cris.

Despite her minimal interactions within the fandom other than art, she has a large base of furry fans following her on deviantART.

[edit] Fursonas

Her fursona is a jackal named Akira, while her secondary is an impala named Chai.


Akira is described my her fans as mostly silent and, for the majority of the time, angry or sad. This is more than likely due to the timeframe Akira was created in, which was shortly after Brittany's mother's passing. Akira's mate, Chinqua, is the calming force to Akira, and the two fursonas co-exist peacefully due to the yin-yang attributes of her relationship. Akira's abilities are reliant on her agility; as a jackal, she's tall and quick, but she's not very strong as is prone to injury. She also has an aversion to water, due to an apparent link to sand her body holds.

Chai, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Akira. Chai is the current embodiment of her creator. She can be identified by her horns and glasses. Her characteristics are her bookish personality and her kind nature. She is paired to Brittany's girlfriend's second fursona, Darla. Her laid back personality is evident unless something goes wrong; i.e. the comic concerning Chai and her little brother.

Both fursonas are described as original and thoughtful, and they both have a lot of fanart on deviantART and tumblr.

[edit] Art

Whilst primarily a furry artist, Brittany also enjoys drawing humans and robots from time to time. She has very few OCs on account of them being roleplay characters, but the characters of her own she draws the most are Akira and Chai. She takes commissions, and is usually open to requests; while not financially prudent for her, she does enjoy doing art for others. The majority of her recent art is gift art, as she apparently wishes to further her skills by simultaneously sharing with others. She draws the most for her friends.

In late October 2011 she left her account on Fur Affinity due to a dislike of the site's layout and a general preference for deviantART, though she returned in early 2012 to an account named Auxillary. The majority of her art is fur based, but she also delves artistically around the Mega Man fandoms, and has a particular affinity for Crashman.

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