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Frostbitch (born June, 1994), previously known as BrokenHeartedHowler, is a female furry who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She is a professional artist, animator. gamer and self-described technosexual. She is popular on both dA and tumblr, and is known to everyone who knows her simply as Vris. She is of French descent, but now lives by the water in Sydney city.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Whilst admitting to being a sociable fur, Vris tends to neglect the social side of the fandom and has disdain for some within it. She appeared once at a furmeet in late September 2011, and declined an invitation to FurJAM by one of its hosts, Foxdale. She has described her interactions with the live fur community as 'pleasant', but she also admits that she prefers to keep her status as a fur closeted outside of the internet. She appeared live at Confurgence 2014 as an artist, and to interact with others. Several furs serve under her on her twinfaction guilds on World of Warcraft on the server Wyrmrest Accord, under her Death Knight Blood Elf named Vriska, as well as a Worgen named Ancinna on the Alliance side.

Despite her minimal interactions within the fandom other than art, she has a large base of furry fans following her on deviantART and tumblr. She is extremely close friends with many furs such as Silverdeni, NinjaKato, TamberElla and Kel-Del; all of them know Vris outside of the internet.


Vris now only has one fursona now by the name of Delta, although most agree that she only exists for posterity within the fandom. She appears to have the same personality as her creator. Vris usually depicts herself as her blood elf, or her robosona, who also shares the name Delta with her furry counterpart. A lot of fan art exists for all of these characters, but many still remember Vris when she had her first fursona, an Egyptian Jackal named Akira. She is popular for her original creation, and still draws her from time to time.


Whilst primarily a furry artist, Brittany also enjoys drawing humans and robots from time to time. She has very few OCs on account of them being roleplay characters, but the characters of her own she draws the most are Vris and Robot!Delta. She takes commissions but doesn't seem to need them due to her financial standing; a majority of her art, however is hidden on a password-protected tumblr blog, and is filled with robot porn and furry smut. Her adult art now also includes World of Warcraft characters, and she is said to have something of a fetish for Darkspear Trolls.

In late October 2011 she left her account on Fur Affinity due to a dislike of the site's layout and a general preference for deviantART, though she returned in early 2012 to an account named Auxillary. The majority of her art is fur based, but she also delves artistically around the Mega Man fandoms, and has a particular affinity for Bass. She made a new account on FA in late 2013 under the name 'laevris'. Her deviantART is now mostly abandoned, but she is almost always active on tumblr and

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