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"Trevor", the BristolFurs group mascot. Artwork (c) Blizzard, 2011

BristolFurs is the name given to a regional furry group centered around the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and is a subgroup of the SouthFurs.


The BristolFurs are organised by a committee, voted into place by attendees on March 20,2010[1], and is currently comprised as follows:


The group mascot is "Trevor", a border collie, with a liking for cider. The artwork was produced by Blizzard.


The group meets often take place on Saturday or Sunday, with furs arriving at Temple Meads railway station in Bristol, before most of the attendees walk to a nearby cafe (often Starbucks - which has free Wifi). After coffee, the main event occurs - past events have included bowling at "The Lanes", Ice Skating, a trip to Bristol Zoo (with fursuits), seeing a movies at nearby cinemas and boat rides to secret locations, and often involve games in the local parks. After the main event, attendees move on to various pubs, including The Knights Templar, located very close to the train station.

Meets are open to all furs (providing they adhere to the meet rules[2]), and no underage drinking or other non permitted activities will be allowed.


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