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BristolFurs is a regional furmeet group centered around the city of Bristol, UK. It is part of the SouthFurs group.


BristolFurs meets are organised by a group of volunteers, and are currently staffed by:

  • Chiisune - Chair of the committee
  • Azure - Vice-Chair of the committee
  • Kirin - Committee member
  • Kipperil - Committee member

BristolFurs staff also employ volunteers for the fursuit walk, who assist with organising and managing the walk, distinguished by purple hi-vis vests with the BristolFurs logo printed on them.


Meets are held monthly on the first Saturday of each month.

There is a pre-meet that begins at 11am at Starbucks Temple Quay, next to Bristol Temple Meads, the city's main railway station. The main meet begins at 1pm at The Boardroom and officially ends at 6pm, however under 18s must leave at 5pm due to licencing rules, and the venue space normally remains open beyond this time to the general public.

The fursuit walk is usually scheduled for 3pm and lasts an hour, but may be shortened or cancelled depending on weather conditions.

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