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Brigus (born September 14th, 1972) is a fursuiter in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, United States.

Brigus has four fursuits:[1]

  • Mixipixu, a cougar. This costume was created by Marylen Costumes and received by Brigus just prior to Halloween 1999. His name is a Native-American word for cougar.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (from the Sonic the Hedgehog videogames. This costume was created by Shafton Inc. for the Sega company, for promotional purposes, and acquired by Brigus in May 2001.
  • Brigus, a black puppy and Brigus' usual fursona. This fursuit was built in 2001 by Brigus himself in order to bring out his "inner puppy".
  • Faust, a mutt. This fursuit was created by Brokken T. Wolf in time for Further Confusion 2004, and depicts the evil twin of Rascal (another fursuit also built by Brokken).

[edit] References

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