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Brightfeather is a white female feline with tabby stripes, three short ones under each eye. Her eyes are a clear aqua color, and her hair is long with the bangs flipped to her right side. She is nearly always seen wearing a black studded choker with a blue diamond hanging from it, and also has studded bracers (the left with a diamond) and a gold ring on her left finger. She can occasionally be found hanging out on Furcadia in Allegria Island.

Brightfeather is an artist, usually animating or drawing in the style of anime, hoping to create a manga in the future. Being a strict role-playing character, especially on her deviantART account, she's usually in character when online.

Relationships and family[edit]

  • Leira (best friends)
  • Demon (brother and sister)
  • Kabya (best friends)


White tabby anthro feline stood, electronic video gaming device held in hand. She had peircing blue eyes-frozen on the glowing screen. Her tongue stuck out the side of her nouth as she fiercely pressed the buttons, apperantly intent on beating whatever game she was playing. She had a long bushy tail with raccoon-like stripes streaking down it, bellbottom jeans nearly completely covering her legs and feet. Covering her torso was an aqua-colored T with the initials B.F. written on the left sholder, and two feathers crossing one another on the front.