Brewed On Grant

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Brewed On Grant
Author(s) Rob Rogers
Update schedule Wednesdays
Launch date 1997
Genre Comedy, politics
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Brewed On Grant is a comic by Rob Rogers, the editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.[1]

The comic pokes fun at the politics and local culture of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[2] It takes place in a fictitious diner on Grant Street (the home of Pittsburgh city government), and the cast includes Rosie the Waitress, Vic the Steelers Fan and a host of assorted local politicians and newsmakers.

Brewed On Grant and furry[edit]

Brewed On Grant strip of June 29, 2011

The Brewed On Grant strip of June 29, 2011, mentions the furry fandom and the Pittsburgh held Anthrocon furry convention (the strip being published just after Anthrocon 2011).[3]

In the comic, a wolf fursuiter tells the diner's waitress, Rosie, about the "awesome" time he had at Anthrocon. Rosie comments "Pittsburgh seems like a good fit for furries.", and the wolf declares

Brewed On Grant
Dressing in fursuits is no stranger than dressing like pro athletes... They're both about fantasy.
Brewed On Grant

At the end of the strip, both characters conclude:

Brewed On Grant
Let's be honest... most Pittsburghers could stand to cover up a bit more.
Brewed On Grant


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