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Human breasts
Female furry skunk with humanoid breasts. art by BMG

Breasts generally refers to the upper ventral region of a female primate's (e.g. a human) torso. Its outer appearance/form include the skinned breast, aureola, and nipple.


The breasts of a female primate’s body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed their young via the nipple, their primary function.

Breasts and furry[edit]

Also known as teats and mammaries (udders on bovines), due to the animal aspect of furry characters, breasts appear in all manners of shape and sizes and number in their depiction on the fandom. Sometimes, breasts are only full during pregnancy and childcare, while others have full breasts at all times.

Normally shown with a humanoid form of breasts, most anthropomorphic female furs have only one pair, while others make the choice to have more animalistic breasts, which involve multiple pairs of teats along the milk line, usually numbering from 4 pair to 8 pairs.[citation needed]

The presence of augmented female breasts on transgender furries may follow the same pattern associated with their real human counterparts (i.e. hormone replacement therapy or breast implants), or use some unorthodox methods devised by the furry artist or writer (magic, experimentation/potions, biological ["absorption"].)[1] Hermaphrodites' breasts are normally influenced by chromosomal disfunction, but it's not a canon issue followed by most fandom creators.[citation needed]


Furs with multiple breasts/teats usually may have a paired sequence of them, similar in size, or one pair of breasts (the upper most pair) larger than the others. On this last case, they decrease in size further down the milk line.

Multibreast characters are also common in the Japanese/Eastern school of furry art (kemono.) Many "ushiko" (cow-girl) characters drawn by these artists have multiple breasts, multiple nipples, and sometimes, other unusual (and often technically incorrect) attributes.[clarify]


Multibreast as a paraphilia is frequently associated with lactophilia, for fairly obvious reasons.[clarify]

Did you know?: In real life, human females are the only mammals (including all other primates), where as their breasts remain fully shaped almost all their lives, even after pregnancy and/or nursing?.


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