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Brasil FurFest Night 2020 was an online event replacing the actual Brasil FurFest 2020 - A Haunted Hotel. In order not to let the BFF 2020 dates go blank, the event staff held BFF Night, an evening of online activities mixing a YouTube broadcast with games and chats on the Discord server. In addition to the program that featured an arts exhibition, virtual fursuit parade, talent show, among others, the convention held fundraising for charity through donations and a charity auction.BRL 7,300 was raised for the social project SOS Vida Pet Litoral. One of the charity's goals was achieved and a song by Foxes and Peppers about their trip to Brasil FurFest 2019 was released during the broadcast.

Original theme and convention[edit]

Brasil FurFest 2020 - A Haunted Hotel was planned be held over July 31st-August 2nd, 2019 at Mercure Hotel in Santos, Brazil, but due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed to July 16th-18th, 2021[1].

The theme was supposed to be shared with sister con Argentina FurFiesta. The Argentinian convention would present the first part of the story in their theme "Baubao's Haunted Little House".

In june 2020 it was announced the theme "A Haunted Hotel" would be replaced due to the deaths of three Brazilian furries (one of them part of the staff) in just two weeks. Many furries asked BFF staff to change the theme saying it would be inappropiate to have jokes with ghosts at the hotel after some attendees died.

The event was renamed to Brasil FurFest 2021 - The Fantastic Candy Factory.


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