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Brasil FurFest
Brasil FurFest logo
Status ongoing
First iteration 9-11 September 2016
Organizer(s) Brasil FurFest
Charity MAPAN -
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Brasil FurFest resources

Brasil FurFest, or BFF, is the first hotel-based furry convention to happen in Brazil. It was held over September 9-11, 2016, in the city of Santos, Brazil[1] and a second interaction is scheduled for August 25th to 27th, 2017.


Official announcement during Furboliche 5

Furboliche (São Paulo's Furry bowling event) founders had the idea of organizing a furry convention in Santos back in 2014. The proposed name was "Confursão" (abbreviation for Convenção Furry de São Paulo, Portuguese for São Paulo's Furry Convention). Due to lack of experience, they decided to postpone the convention and started Furboliche instead, to acquire know-how and to understand the dynamics of local furry fandom.

After Brazil's camping-based furry convention Abando announced 2016 would be its last year,[2] the staff of Furboliche decided to review their plans. They announced they would start a hotel-based furry convention, to prevent Brazil from lacking any multi-day events. Proposed name "Confursão" was withdrawn and it was replaced by "Brasil FurFest" to avoid similarities with a famous furmeet called "Confuria".

The official announcement of Brasil FurFest was done on February 13th, 2016, at Furboliche 5 event. Before traditional fursuit raffle, the staff showed BFF's logo and announced the convention would start as a crowdfunding with a goal of R$ 6,000 (around US$ 1,500) for the basic costs of renting conference rooms and producing conbook, badges and other stuff. Further goals for crowdfunding campaign were later presented for adding more conference rooms or renting party bus in case of bigger donations. Videos and pictures of the location were presented in the several screens of the Bowling Place and all Furboliche staff members were using buttons with Brasil FurFest logo. Before the announcement, a Facebook page was made and teaser videos in Portuguese, Spanish and English were published.[3]

First crowdfunding goal of Brasil FurFest was reached in barely 13 days. In an official announcement on the social networks, the staff of the convention confirmed the event for the proposed dates. At the end of crowdfunding campaign, all additional goals (that introduced more structure and activities to the con) were reached and R$ 15,390 (approx. US$ 3,850) were pledged.

In April 24th, 2016, BFF's staff announced the theme for the event: "Peludos em Santos" (Furries in Santos) - a joke with the name of a very famous Brazilian Rock song called "Pelados in Santos" (Naked in Santos). Guests of honor were announced in the same day.

Brasil Furfest 2016 - Furries in Santos[edit]

Official picture of Brasil FurFest 2016

First interaction of Brasil FurFest happened as planned in Mercure Santos Hotel and gathered 169 furries (among them 54 fursuiters) from 5 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and USA).

Furries could be part of panels, workshops, dealer's den, artist's alley, fursuit parade (48 fursuits), fursuit games and a bus party.

During the Opening Ceremony, a video talking about dreams and persistence was presented and the countdown featured the name of furry cons around the world as an inspiration for Brasil FurFest. A videoclip with a parody of the song "Pelados em Santos" with fursuiters was also shown before "My First Convention" panel started telling attendes the details of the event.

Guests of Honors were El Ranno, a famous designer and illustrator from Brazil and Latin Vixen, owner of Mixed Candy Fursuits, a very well-known fursuit maker from the USA.

Among the activities, a Magic The Gathering tournament was held and won by Casshan Wolf. At saturday night, a Dance Tournament for fursuiters and non-fursuiters was the main attraction in Porto room. Scamp from Argentina won Fursuiter category and Trent T. was the solo competitor in non-Fursuiter competition.

Brasil FurFest published a daily newspaper called "Diário da BFF" (Portuguese for "BFF Daily") with news from the previous day and trivial informations of the event.

During BFF, donations in total of R$ 435.45 (appox. US$ 140, at the date) were collected from participants to help non-governmental non-profit organization, MAPAN (Portuguese abbreviation for: Movement in Support of the Protectors of Animals and Nature), very known in the city of Santos for protecting, feeding and for reinsert abandoned animals in responsible families. BFF is the first Brazilian event to rely on charitable activity, something common in major international conventions.

At the Closing Ceremony, staff announced Brasil FurFest will happen again at the same place in August 2017.

  • A Fursuit Parade picture was featured in the cover of September 10th edition of A Tribuna, biggest newspaper in Santos region, and a full-page report about the event and the fandom was published. A Tribuna and TV Tribuna (local affiliate of Globo, biggest TV network in Brazil) also featured the convention and furries in their newsy portals.
  • The local affiliate of Record TV network made a 3-minute report about the event and fursuiters in the noon newscast of September 12th.
  • O Estado de S.Paulo, second biggest newspaper in Brazil, sent a reporter to cover the event and a podcast about furries was later published in their website.
  • The Brazilian version of Vice published an extensive report about Furry Fandom and Brasil FurFest in September 22nd, 2016.

Brasil FurFest 2017[edit]


Brasil FurFest 2017 is scheduled for August 25-27,[4] again at the Mercure Hotel, in Santos, Brazil.[4] The theme will be "Furries in Space".[4]


Official poster for BFF 2016

The convention happens at Mercure Santos Hotel inside Clube XV-Office complex, in front of the Boqueirão Beach. All hotel rooms have sea views and the convention center can host up to 400 attendees. The hotel is near the main touristic district of the city, Gonzaga.


Brasil FurFest host several activities among them:


The staff of Brasil FurFest is:

Former staffs:


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