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Bounder (formally known as Bounder J. Fox) is an anthropomorphic black and silver fox character.


He was originally created while on an interstate between Napa, California and Las Vegas, Nevada in September 1998. The name Bounder was inspired by a brand of RV.

Internet history and locations[edit]

Bounder originally called the #furworld channel on the Undernet IRC server home, where he served as a channel operator and later, an admin. A year later he made an appearance on FurryMUCK as B.J. Fox. He is also active on the Tapestries MUCK and has been since April of 1999.

Under the pseudonym (alt) named Taevin Marat this individual created the Second Life group called Furry Vermin. He went on to establish and manage a hangout for it's members which remained in operation from 2005 to 2008. In that time he also served as the hangouts primary DJ; a semi-popular show on both Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Player History[edit]

Bounder (his player) has been seen in LAFF, MIFur, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Fort Wayne and New Jersey; also at Anthrocon, Further Confusion, and Midwest FurFest. Bounder served as programming second for Midwest FurFest in 2000 and programming director for Midwest FurFest in 2001.

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