Boredom Inc

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Boredom Inc.
Author(s) Jacob Elmer
Launch date 2019
End Date Ongoing
Genre Black comedy, punk, slice of life, humor
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Boredom Inc is a comic book series created by American cartoonist Jacob Elmer. It serves as part of The Dynamite Twins and Friends shared universe.


In the year 1991, an arctic fox named JJ and her otter roommate, Kyle, live in the San Francisco bay area, USA, during an era of grunge and punk rock music. JJ aspires to become a great artist, whereas Kyle hopes to be a great musician. However, life almost always gets in the way of pursuing their passions.


Main protagonists[edit]

  • Jennifer "JJ" Jackson - A female arctic fox who runs a tattoo parlor in Oakland, California, though in her spare time she draws cartoons or plays bass guitar. JJ aspires to become a talented artist, thinking tattoos are beneath her. She represents angst, depression, and boredom. She also has a very rebellious attitude and a strong third-wave feminist.
  • Kyle Bronson -A male otter and guitarist. Kyle is JJ's friend and roommate who works a part-time job at the post office, though spends his free time playing his guitar or smoking marijuana. Kyle tends to be a lot more mellow and laid back and somewhat naive and ditzy, and has a mild love for punk rock, and heavy metal. Kyle was inspired by musicians Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Milo Aston - A male Siberian husky who lives in San Francisco, and is an openly gay, punk rock guitarist.
  • Leonardo "Leo" Russotti - A raccoon and Milo's boyfriend, however unlike Milo, Leo is very closeted about his homosexuality. He is a former mobster for the Italian mafia and currently a horrorcore rapper. Leo is also obsessed with firearms and owns 80 guns.
  • East Bay Jay - A yellow cat who's visiting Oakland.
  • Hazel - A female hyena who runs a record store.
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