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The Border Collie is a breed of working and herding dog that originated in the border region between Scotland and England. The breed was bred to herd livestock, particularly sheep, and combines intelligence and agility with a hardy constitution. They are moderately popular within the furry fandom after huskies and German Shepherds, probably because of its familiarity, wolflike countenance and striking coloration.


As working and herding dogs, Border Collies are selected for herding ability and stamina, resulting in a wide variation in physical appearance. The coloration most commonly associated with the breed is a distinctive black and white, but many other variations exist, including red and white, brown and white, merle and almost pure black.

Border Collies are noted for their extremely high level of intelligence and suitability for training. One Border Collie, Rico, has been demonstrated to have a functional vocabulary of over 200 words.[1] They are also extremely agile, making them good at dog sports.

Border Collies possess a 'herding instinct', a modified form of the hunting instinct, causing them to adopt a characteristic herding pose and fix their target with a penetrating stare. The target, originally sheep, may include ducks, cars, children, other dogs or even birds in the sky. Because of their intelligence and desire to work, they may not make good pets for people who can't provide them with enough exercise and mental stimulation. So one who adopts a collie may want to really consider taking on such a workload, though the effects are usually very rewarding. Everyone who happens to own a collie swears by them.



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