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Boozy Barrister is an American civil litigation lawyer and blogger who curates the blog Lawyers and Liquor.[1]

In April of 2017, BoozyBarrister wrote a blog post about the cease and desist letter sent by Kahuki to DeoTasDevil associated with cancellation of Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2017, criticizing the legal viability of the letter and linking several aspects of it to the Sovereign Citizen movement.[2]

Not a furry himself, Boozy watched a documentary titled Fursonas before writing the post,[2] and spoke with furry fan and fellow lawyer NanukBurr, who invited Boozy to attend a furry convention, to which Boozy said he would be a badger.

Furries responded positively to the post, and on Twitter fan art was made depicting Boozy's "fursona".[3] Boozy described himself as being "adopted as some sort of unofficial mascot",[3] and advised lawyers not to judge their clients for what they do in their spare time.[3]

Boozy hosted a Q&A panel as a special guest at Fur the 'More 2017.[4]


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