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Bolt Mutt, AKA Boltaroo Muttskadoo or MYUTTZ, is a furry fan and YouTuber who identifies as non-binary and uses any pronouns,[1] who currently lives in Texas. Up until 2018, they lived in Long Island, New York, USA.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bolt has been in the furry fandom since 2009 where they were first known as Blackice the Wolf. Their first convention was FurFright 2013.


Bolt has had multiple different characters, some of which were auctioned off on their Twitter.[3]

Their main fursona is Bolt, a male raccoon, previously a wolfdog and a Shiba Inu dog. Bolt labels himself as a sparkledog, stating that he likes their aesthetics. Bolt is dark gray with light gray ears, paws, chest, stomach, and stripes on his tail. His eyes are a bright green color. He has a small piercing on his tongue, which is purple. He has a bright yellow crescent moon on his forehead, inspired by the Japanese anime Sailor Moon.

Another of their characters is a lion named Lunchbox, a presumably male consisting of multiple different shades of brown. Lunchbox's chest and stomach are a sandy tan color, and his mane is a darker brown color. He has crimson eyes and fairly large ear gauges. This character is yet to have been made into a fursuit, and Bolt has not stated if Lunchbox will ever be. Bolt has stated that his main fursona is not switching to Lunchbox.

A character Bolt formerly owned was nick-named the "Fortnite OC". This character was a mainly red canine character and was featured on Bolt's channel. Bolt raffled off this character.


On October 19, 2013, Bolt received their first fursuit, which was made by Owling of Green Fox Fursuits. They sold their fursuit in September of 2015 and has since commissioned and received a new one from lazylupe. [4]

In the early Summer of 2019, Bolt sold their 2nd fursuit to someone on Instagram. They later changed the name of the fursuit to "Bee". Bolt later got a 3rd fursuit which they refer to as "Bolt The Raccoon Man" by Kiwi Cabot. By August 2019, Bolt had made eight videos without their fursuit but has since deleted all of them.


As of September 2020, their YouTube channel has over 46,000 subscribers. They primarily do vlogs centered around the furry community. In January 2019, they decided to take a long hiatus from YouTube and the furry fandom in general. They returned about a year later.


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