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Robert "Bob" Vorsh is one of the main characters and villains in David Hopkins' webcomic, Jack.

In his mortal form Bob resembles a light green Compsognathus, a type of chicken-sized dinosaur. Unlike regular reptiles, Bob possesses hair, which is jet-black and spine-like.

In his demonic Sin form, Bob is skeletally thin, extremely tall and now in possession of retractable claws and a blade-tipped tail. Bob shares his demonic form with his wife, Lisa. Whenever Bob is in control of the body, Lisa's head appears where Bob's crotch would normally be and vise-versa.

While alive, Bob lived a rather mundane life, working an office job and seemingly never having time for fun. All this changed when Bob met his future wife and partner-in-crime, Lisa at a Christmas party. Like Bob, Lisa harbored thoughts of cannibalism and it was the meeting between the two that finally let them act out on these urges; the two cooked one of Bob's co-workers alive and then devoured her. After this, the two went on a cannibalistic killing spree lasting years.

Though the events surrounding Bob and Lisa's deaths are unknown, it is hinted at that the two killed one another. In Hell, Bob and Lisa became collectively the Sin of Gluttony. Though Bob and Lisa can eat and eat others to their heart's content in Hell, the drawback is that they are never full for long, that and everyone in Hell tastes like sulfur. This has led the two to sometimes venture back to Earth and feast upon the living.

Despite the fact they were once lovers in life, Bob and Lisa near constantly cheat on one another, in life and death. Oftentimes, Bob and Lisa act somewhat like minions in Kane, the Sin of Envy's plots.

Recently it was shown that they have gotten the ability to split and still keep their powers. This has yet to be explained.