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Blueberry (born 1988) is similar to an otherkin or therian. Her spirit and online character is a non-anthro pony of the Icelandic Horse breed. Her name comes from an American pony Boss Hoss says she always reminds him of, but in her case the name Blueberry comes from her addiction to the berries instead of colour.

She is a gentle light palomino Icelandic Horse (pony) with a creamy white mane, tail, star, and socks on all four hooves. Her hooves are black and have no shoes, and her mane long. She seems young, not as fully built as an adult horse, but not a foal any more either.

On the web and in person, she bonds almost instantly with people who have a real life past living with and loving horses, and tends to be very obedient and affectionate to them. People like this don't need to tell her about it as she always just seems to know. She also is friends with many others who've had little or no experience's before her, they just take a little bit longer to gain the same trust.

She can be found on FurNet around #herd and #girls.


Blueberry is a typical Icelandic pony in behaviour, preferring to act gentle. She has all the normal horse instincts and gaits, but is relatively untrained and skittish, having only been trained a little as a riding horse. While she's had a bit of experience as a riding horse and understands most of the signals, she's not as used to the tack as she should be, and can feel trapped easily. Blueberry is used to human contact, but isn't as naturally snuggly as other animals like canids, so too much hugging and holding can spook her. She's fond of rewards of grains, fruits, and carrots. Physical punishment aren't a good idea for anyone not close to her. A verbal punishment is preferred. However, Blueberry is sensitive to strong swearing and loudness, both can spook her badly and bring back memories. She is being 'bomb proofed' slowly though to condition her though.


Blueberry's dream is just to belong to her own herd; to live with them, as one of them. She dreams of living on a farm, perhaps with a few little privileges like use of toilets and clothes and a bed in the shelter, trained, loved, and taken care of like the rest of the family. She dreams of sleeping with them, and only going in to the house when escorted by an owner and not often. All she wants to do is be treated normally by the humans, like horses already treat her.

Fun Real Life Quirks[edit]

  • Blueberry carries with her almost everywhere a little green leather book with hand made pages and binding, and inside she keeps written down a list of all the most amazingly nice things people have said to her that she can read whenever she's droopy..
  • One thing Blueberry really wants to do one day is buy a beautiful blank book with entirely blank pages, and leave it that way, forever new.
  • Blueberry carries a horse plushie in her backpack, it's head peeking out, so everyone sees a horse when they look at her.
  • Blueberry may be a horse, but her favourite animal are cows.
  • Blueberry rarely talks in first person both online and in person.