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BlueWolfCheetah, also known as BlueWolche, is a furry artist, fursuiter, and fursuit maker who lives in the United States.


[edit] Fandom involvement

Kayla's Kritterz' logo

BlueWolfCheetah was first introduced to the furry fandom around the year 2000.[1] Becoming interested in the costuming side of the fandom, she built her first fursuit in 2006 or 2007. She owns and runs the fursuit making business, Kayla's Kritterz.

[edit] Fursona

BlueWolfCheetah's fursona is a blue wolche (a wolf-cheetah hybrid).

[edit] Fursuit

Her personal fursuit character is Luke, a black, white, and green dog.[2]

[edit] References

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