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Bluesky, full Bluesky Social, sometimes referred as Bsky, is an associated social media service developed via a decentralized social network protocol. It is similar in concept, services, and looks to Elon Musk's X (formerly known as Twitter).


Bluesky's original logo

Originally spun out by Twitter, Inc.,[1] it hired its first employees in 2021, and was incorporated as an independent public benefit company the same year.[2] Jay Graber serves as the company's CEO, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sits on its board of directors.[3]

The social network service, "Bluesky Social" (or just "Bluesky"/"BlueSky"), is accessible via a web browser or via an app for Apple's iOS and/or Google's Android. Initially open only as an invite-only beta, as of February 2024 it is now open to the public for viewing and interacting.

Frequent users have called posts on the platform "skeets"[4][5] (a portmanteau of "sky" and "tweet"),[6] despite CEO Jay Graber pleading with users not to call them that.[7]

Bluesky started the waitlist in October 2022, while on February 2023, it released the Bluesky app to Apple's iOS as an invite-only beta, finally releasing the Android-compatible app on April 2023.

X and furry[edit]

The service is a favorite with furries so far, helping others to come over via Bluesky invites,[citation needed]

There is also such an influx of furry artists and their art, that non-furries have commented about on other social and news sites, sometimes negatively.[8]


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