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BlueIceHusky is an anthro artist who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. He is also a WWII re-enactor and an engineer-in-training. His fursona is a white and sky-blue husky named Dustin. He appeared in the furry fandom cicra June-September 2002, and became fully active in it around January-March 2009. His specialty in the furry world of art is canine preference.

He has attended Midwest FurFest 2010 "Chicago Blues", being his first. This will be his first tradition going con in the fandom. A fursuit of his fursona has been mentioned in the past, which might debut at a future con.

Currently in the works is a short comic he is making, titled "Taking One for The Team", which will be shown online on his FA account. Date for completetion is not known at this point as the comic enters its final protodevelopment stage before starting off. Possible finish date might be December 2011. Zambuka gave help with the editing of the final script. This comic will be the begining of many firsts in BlueIceHusky's artist talent, (1) first experiences with a comic format, (2) first time in which there will be more than one character sharing the same page, (3) first with character dialogue, (4) featuring guest artists (Zambuka, Zelus, Klutchfox, PorscheHusky), (5) and to fully include backgrounds into work.

BlueIce's favorite artists are Blotch, Scott Ruggels, Rukis, GoldenWolfen, Zambuka, Black Teagan, Kenket, TaniDaReal, Pample, Sugarpoultry, and many more.

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