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Aloha Fox promotes a good way to prevent Con Crud

Con Crud, also known as The Blorch, is normally a cold, flu, or other non-threatening illness that people catch and/or spread quickly through furry conventions, and which is mostly felt after the con is over, when said illnesses has reached peak incubation time. Oftentimes, the larger the convention is, the worse con crud becomes.

Con Crud should not be confused with the term Con Funk, although "con funk" and unsanitary conditions can contribute to it.


This is because of the variations of immunities from various geographical locales. Fur A from Los Angeles may not have the level of immunity for the common cold that Fur B from Minnesota has, and so they're more susceptible to Fur B's germs, and vice versa.


Most con-goers recommend bringing over the counter medicine and/or plenty of vitamins. Good hygiene is also an extremely good idea.

Further definition[edit]

The Furry Dictionary lists "Blorch" as:

Con Crud
A vagely flu-like illness that has a tendency to flourish and spread at large furry fandom gatherings such as conventions. Symptoms can vary, making the identification of the culprit micro-organism very difficult. It can also be exacerbated by immune system stressors such as lack of sleep from room-partying and dehydration from airline travel
Con Crud

This definition was contributed by Sean Wilkinson in 2000.[1]

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