Bloody Rats

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The Bloody Rats started as an homage to the Mafia, and is an underground crime TP (or TinyPlot) on Tapestries. Started by Ruhemaus, its main 'Family' members are Sara_C and EngleMaus. The idea of the Bloody Rats were simple: Take over abandoned areas no one visits and use it as bases for illegal actions. They often will still have violent fights with other gangs in Layleaux, and often recruit new enforcers from the island prison of Katatraz.

The main strength in the Bloody Rats is a horde of blood-thirsty, near-feral rats that can be called at will to run errands, work as muscule, or even be cruel assassins when needed. No one's sure how the Maus family has kept control over the rats, but rumor has it that it's because their leader's daughter, Sara_C, is currently protected by the Maus family; as well as raised as one of their own. No matter the reason, they work as a seemingly never-ending wave that can swarm and overwhelm most enemies to the gang.

Along with the rats, the Bloody Rats also have an eccentric and inbred ferret family that works as indentured families to the Maus family. Known as the Arfurnio Family, they are a talented family of clothing designers that keeps every member of the Bloody Rats' upper echelon in the best suits. The family, though, is spoilt off the money the Maus family provides them, and they are quite insane from generations of in-breeding.

Currently Ruhemaus has backed out of running the Bloody Rats, and is leaving that to EngleMaus and Sara_C. But, if needed, he still provides advice and acts as a mediator or patriach of the Maus Family when needed to solve issues with other gangs in Layleaux. After running most the others out, they currently see themselves as having no real threat for the moment.