Bloodshade Shadowclaw

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A "mug shot" image of Shadow-san, usually composing his avatar.

Bloodshade Shadowclaw is a furry artist from the United States. He has 4 original series and around 45 characters. He is an avid fighting game fan and M.U.G.E.N player, and has a love for weaponry.

Bloodshade, or "Shadow-san" as he is known by close friends, often wonders what the furry fandom would be like if it didn't center so much on sex, and has plans to make this more than a vision.

His appearance is that of a human, or mundane, with a cat's ears and tail. He has dark shoulder-length hair, wears all or mostly black clothing, and red glasses. His artwork is anime-styled, with evident grounds in Dragon Ball Z. He may be regarded by some as otakukin.

One of Bloodshade's characters, Prince Lionel.

He looks up to quite a few artists in the fandom, even going so far as to consider some an inspiration, including Shawntae Howard, Max Blackrabbit, Inuki, FoxxFire, and Dr. Comet, to name a few.

He is currently seeking College courses for Animation and Game Design.

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