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The main cast of the first two seasons (from left to right: Shifty, Daisy, Nutsy, Meatball, Blinky, Danny, Flap, Splodge and Marcia).

Blinky Bill is an Australian book series written by author Dorothy Wall in the 1930s. The books inspired an animated series beginning in 1993, titled The Adventures of Blinky Bill, which was produced as a follow-up to the 1992 animated movie Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala. The animated series, by far the most well-known version of the character internationally, was produced by Yoram Gross and ran for two series from 1993-95 (the second series titled Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion), with a third series (titled Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures) airing in 2004.

The first season had the townspeople of Greenpatch (a fictional Australian bushland town and the main setting of the series) trying to rebuild their home (after it was destroyed by loggers in the 1992 movie), while coping with a family of playful tricksters and con artists in the form of the town's family of dingoes (who redeemed themselves by the end of the season). In the second season, Greenpatch is fully rebuilt and a story arc formed in which Blinky and his gang get lost while on a school camping trip and have to find their way home. The third season had Blinky, Flap and Nutsy leave Greenpatch and travel around the world in a hot air balloon/caravan with a gang of escaped circus animals, returning the animals to their proper homes while being chased by the circus' owners.


Blinky's gang[edit]

  • Blinky Bill: The series' protagonist. A young koala who often gets up to mischief, and is the leader of his gang of friends.
  • Nutsy: A female koala with a kind heart, who by the end of season 1 becomes Blinky's step-sister.
  • Flap: A platypus, and one of Blinky's best friends, known for his intellect and his large appetite.
  • Splodge: A youthful, boisterous kangaroo, and the strongest member of Blinky's gang.
  • Marcia: A bossy, hotblooded marsupial mouse who considers herself to be tough, with a tendency to rush into situations.

The Dingo family[edit]

  • Danny: A suave, smug dingo teen, almost always seen with his sunglasses on, who's usually thinking of ways to scam the townspeople. Despite this, he's got a heart of gold.
  • Daisy: A vain, flirtatious teenage dingo with aspirations of fame, who tends to use her good looks and seductive charm to get her way.
  • Meatball: A rather fat dingo, and Danny's younger brother; what he lacks in terms of intellect he makes up for in strength.
  • Shifty: A kindhearted, sensitive dingo, and the youngest member of the family, who becomes a member of Blinky's gang at the end of season 1. Despite his well-meaning nature, he's a popular target for insults from his family and friends, especially from Marcia.
  • Ma: The matriarch of the dingo family with a short temper and a huge appetite, even more so than Flap's.

The adults[edit]

  • Walter "Wombo" Wombat: Blinky's mentor, who hates being called "Wombo"; most of the town does it anyway.
  • Ms. Koala: Blinky's widowed mother, who's quick to discipline her son whenever he gets into trouble.
  • Miss Magpie: Blinky's teacher, who tends to struggle in teaching her usually-rowdy class.
  • Mayor Pelican: The scatterbrained mayor of Greenpatch and one of Blinky's favourite prank targets, who usually puts himself before others, much to the town's chagrin.

The Circus Bros.[edit]

  • Basil: The main villain of season 3, who'll stop at nothing to keep his travelling circus in business, even if it means abusing his animals.
  • Cyril: Basil's younger brother and bumbling sidekick, who eventually grows smarter as the season progresses.

The circus animals[edit]

  • Slippery: A clumsy seal who was returned to Antarctica by Blinky shortly after leaving Australia.
  • Leo: A cowardly lion, and the leader of a tribe of lions, who was returned to the African plains by Blinky.
  • Ling-Ling: A young panda experienced in magic tricks, who was returned to her village in China by Blinky.
  • Tico: A grumpy toucan, initially a double agent for the Circus Bros. who later switched to Blinky's side. The only animal of the group to not return to his own country (Brazil), instead staying in India with Yoyo to form a circus troupe of his own.
  • Yoyo: A hyperactive Indian monkey, who was returned to an Indian village by Blinky, where he joined Tico in making their own circus troupe.
  • Penelope: A glamorous French poodle, who was returned to Paris by Blinky to live with her rightful owner.

Notable miscellaneous characters[edit]

  • Ruff: A frill-necked lizard and Blinky's classmate, who considers himself to be a ladies' man, but is really a bit of a coward.
  • Jacko: A loudmouthed kookaburra with a dry sense of humour. Known for pranking the residents of Greenpatch, perhaps even more so than Blinky.
  • Slick: A smooth-talking vagabond possum who Blinky encounters twice in Season 2. At one point, Marcia points out that he sounds like Eddie Murphy.
  • Sirol: A sensitive crocodile who Blinky meets in Season 2, who was shunned by his father for being too soft. With the help of Blinky and his gang, he eventually became the winner of the Iron Croc Contest.


Movie (“Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala”)[edit]

Episode Title Summary
Movie Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala In the Australian bush town of Greenpatch, the local animals are going through their days as normal until two men, Harry and Joe, start to take down the entire forest with their tractor. The animals evacuate as many trees fall down, and more trees are cut down including Mrs. Koala's home, and a falling tree knocks Blinky unconscious.

At sunrise, nothing is left of the town and every animal is left homeless. They move out of the grounds to search for a new home, including Mr. Wombat, nicknamed "Wombo" by the locals. Blinky, dazed and confused, calls for his mother, but she is nowhere in sight. Blinky rescues a young female koala named Nutsy from a cluster of fallen trees. They both run into Mr. Wombat, and Nutsy tells him that Blinky has amnesia, so Wombo informs Blinky of his past.

Blinky was a very mischievous boy, tending to cause trouble around the town, and frequently receiving scoldings from Mayor Pelican, his teacher Miss Magpie and his mother for his many antics. Blinky feels very guilty about the trouble he had caused for his mother, so he decides to find her.

Blinky and Nutsy make their way towards a riverbank where they meet up with a deaf koala lady, "Granny" Grunty. Down the river, they meet up with Blinky's friends Flap, a platypus, and Splodge, a kangaroo, and his family, who tell them about what happened to Mrs. Koala, who refused to evacuate out of pride of her own home. Blinky and Nutsy make their way to Mayor Pelican, who is assigning all the woodlanders to their recovery areas. Blinky approaches the mayor, who is less than pleased, and orders Nurse Angelina to take the children to the leaking North Cave, where they find that Blinky's mother isn't there.

Blinky asks Ruff, a frill-necked lizard, and his mother for directions to the woodchip mill. Ignoring the fact there is danger there, Blinky goes to find his mother at the mill, and Nutsy follows him as they make their way though a raging river and the woods. They finally make it to the mill, which is home to the very woodcutters that destroyed their homes.

The next morning, Blinky and Nutsy witness the woodcutters reducing the animals' former homes into sawdust, narrowly escaping the main buzz-saw. They stay in hiding untill night time, but as they try to escape, they alert the dogs. Blinky slingshoots the security light, and Harry's wife Flo urges her husband to investigate. Blinky manages to slip out of the mill, but Nutsy is trapped and makes a run for it, climbing into the bedroom of the family's daughter Claire.

Blinky tearfully goes back to the tell the others about the tragic news. Blinky's gang form a rescue party, forcing Marcia, a marsupial mouse, to join them. Blinky has Jacko the koookaburra drop Marcia down the chimney of the woodcutters' house, analysing the house layout and items. Meanwhile, Nutsy climbs into Claire's bed, who wakes up happy to find a real koala in her bed and manages to get her parents to let to her keep the koala temporarily.

Blinky's gang sneak up to the house at night and break into the house. Claire immediately hides herself and Nutsy in her bedroom cupboard. Splodge manages to fend off both the dogs and Joe, while Blinky keeps Harry and Flo locked in their bedroom. In the chaos that follows, the woodchip machines start up. Blinky gets Nutsy out of the house and they both fight off Harry. The chain of chaotic events against Harry and Joe end them up in a water tank. Blinky finally locates his mother and they all leave the mill in the woodcutters' truck. Claire waves tearfully goodbye to Nutsy, and Blinky and his gang make plans to rebuild Greenpatch.

Series 1 ("The Adventures of Blinky Bill")[edit]

After the peaceful bush town of Greenpatch is destroyed by loggers, Blinky and his gang must rebuild it while dealing with a family of con artist-like dingoes.

Episode Title Summary
1 Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe Blinky and his gang try to help a depressed Mr. Gloop by getting Mayor Pelican to rebuild his cafe, but the Dingoes try to hijack the plan in order to make the cafe their own.
2 Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade After the new school is constructed, a storm occurs and starts fires on the ground. Realizing the danger, Blinky and his gang form a fire brigade.
3 Blinky Rescues the Budgie Blinky and his gang take Ms. Pimm's pet budgie Cedric, thinking he's in need of freedom. Cedric tries to enjoy his new experience, which causes trouble for the entire town.
4 Blinky Bill's Fund Run At Blinky's suggestion, Mayor Pelican sets up a charity marathon to rebuild the local hospital, which the Dingoes join in order to take the money for themselves.
5 Blinky Bill the Teacher Tired of school life, Blinky humiliates Ms. Magpie in front of the school inspector. With Magpie fired, the inspector gives the teaching position to Blinky, who soon realises that being the teacher is harder than he thought.
6 Blinky and the Red Car Blinky and his gang see that Mr. Possum's car is for sale, and compete against the Dingoes in order to earn the money to buy it.
7 Blinky Breaks the Drought Blinky helps Mrs. Rabbit grow carrots to cut down her expenses. The Dingoes steal some carrots from the garden for personal profit, but after being caught, they take revenge by blocking off the town's water supply.
8 Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses The Dingoes, while cycling, break Granny Grunty's glasses. To replace them, Blinky and his gang stage a performance of Romeo and Juliet to gain the money they need. However, the play's story becomes twisted when the Dingoes hijack the show in an attempt to take the money themselves.
9 Blinky Bill's Ghost Cave A family of rabbits is homeless and without their belongings. Blinky finds a cave, ideal for the rabbits to move into, however, the rabbits believe a ghost is inside. Blinky and Nutsy find out that the "ghost" was actually the Dingoes, who have been been stealing the rabbits' belongings, so Blinky creates his own ghost in order to scare them out of the cave.
10 Blinky Bill's Zoo After Ms. Magpie teaches her class about humans, Blinky and his gang find a lost little girl, who is soon housed in a zoo of their own.
11 Blinky and the Magician The entire town is intrigued by El Diablo, a mysterious magician, whom Blinky finds out is actually Danny Dingo in disguise, and has started the act in order to distract the citizens of Greenpatch while Meatball steals the town's food supply.
12 Detective Blinky Blinky and Splodge become detectives when all the Mulgar Berries in Greenpatch mysteriously disappear.
13 Blinky and the Heart of the Tree In this fairytale-inspired episode, Wombo tells Blinky the story of a brave young koala who fights against an evil queen in order to save an ancient tree.
14 Blinky and the Strange Koala A strange-looking black and white koala is being held at a local zoo and Blinky and his gang sneak in to release it. They soon find out that the "koala" is actually a panda, and is due to be shipped back to China, but the zookeepers cage up a real koala by mistake!
15 Blinky Bill's Gold Mine After Wombo tells him about Greenpatch's gold rush days, Blinky decides to see if there is any gold still uncovered, and opens his own gold mine. When he discovers Danny Dingo is interested in it, he plants a gold necklace in the mine as bait, but soon finds out that it belongs to Marcia's mother, and to make matters worse, the necklace goes missing!
16 Blinky and the Film Star The Dingoes are making a western-style film, and Daisy, the film's leading lady, manages to seduce Blinky, Flap and Splodge. While the boys are fighting over Daisy, Nutsy and Marcia discover that there isn't really a film being shot at all, and the pivotal bank robbery scene isn't just being staged; it's a real robbery plan! Will Blinky, Flap and Splodge snap out of their enamour and stop the robbery in time?
17 Blinky Bill's Treasure Hunt Wombo tells Blinky about the legend of Captain Moonbeam's treasure, and the gang decide to look for it underground. The Dingoes steal the treasure chest for themselves, but are less than pleased when they find out what the treasure actually is!
18 Blinky Bill and "Club Pet" A new tourist resort is built in town, but this is all part of Danny's plan, as feral cats begin showing up in Greenpatch and try to eat the residents! Will Blinky shut the club down and set up the hospital as planned?
19 Blinky Leads the Gang An election takes place for gang leader between Blinky and Danny. Danny wins via shady means, so Blinky and his gang need to come up with a plan to outwit him, and fast!
20 Blinky Bill Finds Marcia Mouse Feeling left out, Marcia tries a rebel image and ends up in trouble at school. When she gets grounded, she runs away from town, so Blinky and Nutsy formulate a plan to get her to come back.
21 Blinky and the Monster Danny claims that a monster dwells in a local lake, so Blinky challenges him to prove it!
22 Blinky Saves Twiggy Blinky and his gang find a lost baby echidna named Twiggy who is trying to find her mother. The gang decide to take care of her while the search for her mother is on.
23 Mayor Blinky Bill With many complaints filed against Mayor Pelican, he decides to lend the job to Blinky. While trying to build a river road, Blinky tries to keep everyone satisfied, which is easier said than done.
24 Who is Blinky Bill? A family of koalas come to Greenpatch for two days. Their son Algenon looks exactly like Blinky, but has a completely different personality. Blinky and Algenon decide to swap places, causing confusion for their parents and Ms. Magpie.
25 Blinky Bill's Mothers Day Mother's Day arrives in Greenpatch, but Nutsy is more traumatised than anything, as her mother was killed when the old town was destroyed. Will Blinky and his gang be able to cheer her up?
26 Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic Blinky's mother and Nutsy's father decide to get married and invite the whole town. However, things don't go as planned, as Shifty decides to practice dancing with Daisy, and accidentally breaks his leg! Will he make it to the wedding in time?

Series 2 ("Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion")[edit]

Continuing on from last season, Greenpatch has been fully rebuilt, and because peace has been made with the Dingo family, Shifty is now an official member of Blinky's gang. However, when Miss Magpie takes Blinky's gang on a school excursion, the kids become lost. Now without their teacher and without a plan, the gang has to fend for themselves in the brutal Australian wilderness, and try to find their way back home.

Episode Title Summary
1 Blinky Bill Meets Mr. Echidna Mrs. Echidna has finally had enough of Blinky's mischief and leaves to join her sister. However, her absence allows termites to freely feed on Greenpatch's trees, causing the birds to migrate.
2 Blinky the Hypnotist Blinky practices hypnotism, which causes confusion among the town. Things worsen as a group of goannas invade Greenpatch.
3 Blinky Bill Goes Camping Miss Magpie decides go to camping with her students. Danny tries to sell her a tent, but when she refuses, he and Meatball decide to go camping themselves, but the rain washes them away on account of them ignoring Miss Magpie's advice.
4 Blinky Bill and the Earthquake Continuing their camping trip from the previous episode, Blinky's gang slip away to explore a mountain mine, but soon get trapped inside! As they try to find a way out, they're chased through the mine by a goanna, and once they escape, they realise they're much further away from Greenpatch than they expected...
5 Blinky Bill and the Bird Smugglers Blinky's gang plunge down a delta and meet a lizard named Hank (full name Henry Cornelius) whose parents were taken by poachers. Said poachers catch Flap, and the chase is on to get him back!
6 Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves Shifty becomes the center of a controversy, as he is falsely accused of stealing apples from a farm! Will Blinky and his gang find the real culprit?
7 Blinky Remembers Nutsy's Birthday Nutsy thinks no-one remembers her birthday, so Blinky and his gang stage some circus performances for her, but things heat up when the real circus performers try to get their tent back!
8 Blinky Bill's Holiday Blinky and his gang follow a bus, leading them to a holiday resort, which causes them to reunite with Ms. Pimm and her budgie!
9 Blinky Bill is Kidnapped Trying to find their way back home, Blinky and Marcia are kidnapped, and meet a a smooth-talking possum named Slick.
10 Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy Blinky's gang find a lost puppy, who, like them, is trying to find their way home!
11 Blinky Bill Down on the Farm Blinky and his gang, now lost, find an unusual farm, managed by two scientists, guarded by robotic dogs and inhabited by many animals, who don't want to leave their mechanical prison!
12 Blinky Bill and the Polar Bears On an attempt to get back home, Blinky finds a family of Russian polar bears, who have escaped from a circus. Will the gang be successful in getting the visitors back to their homeland?
13 Blinky Bill and the Real Estate Swindle Blinky's gang meet two feral pigs, who intend to hijack a house owned by a family of numbats. Will Blinky stop the swindlers?
14 Blinky and Gretel During a storm, Blinky calms Nutsy down by telling her a fairytale story.
15 Blinky and the Egg Rescue Flap finds a cuckoo egg in a basket in the middle of the grasslands, and tries to find who laid it; but time is running out, as a bulldozer is approaching the trees where the birds have nested!
16 Blinky Bill and the Feud After a long and exhausting walk, Blinky and his gang find a river, but the inhabitants of the river are torn apart by their different sleeping habits! Will the gang manage to get the river animals to work together?
17 Blinky Bill & the Winter's Tale Still far from Greenpatch, Blinky's gang find shelter in a mountain cabin, and are soon thrust into taking care of a bunch of restless owl children!
18 Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse Blinky's gang approach a lighthouse, and become embroiled in a feud between a penguin and a family of sea birds.
19 Blinky Bill & the Possum's Cinema Blinky's gang end up in a deserted town after fleeing a dust storm, and find none other than Blinky's old friend Slick, who has taken refuge in a cinema, and wants customers desperately!
20 Blinky Bill and the Crocodiles On the trip back to Greenpatch, Blinky and his gang meet a crocodile called Sirol, who's neglected by his father for being too soft. What will Blinky do in order to make sure Sirol gets the attention he deserves?
21 Blinky Bill and the Balloon Blinky's gang find a hot-air balloon lodged in a tree. Once they get it free, they finally make their way back home to Greenpatch, but there's a problem; they can't land! Will the town's residents get the kids to safety?
22 Blinky Bill and the House Guest A storm destroys Mayor Pelican's house, which causes him to move in with Blinky and his mum. How long can Blinky deal with the mayor's shenanigans before he snaps?
23 Blinky Bill the Mystery Pollution Daisy Dingo opens a beauty salon, but something from it is making the residents of Greenpatch develop green fur and black spots! The town suspects that Daisy is behind the situation, but is she really to blame?
24 Blinky Bill's Blue Mystery Strange disappearances of blue items occur, and everyone in Greenpatch thinks Blinky is behind them. Blinky's gang become detectives to clear his name, but their attempts get him in even more trouble.
25 Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home Wombo has been suffering from back pain and is sent to a retirement home; but is it all it's cracked up to be?
26 Blinky Bill and the Baby Show Blinky and his gang volunteer to babysit Mrs. Spotty's six babies and take them to the local baby show, but when the biggest baby goes missing, Flap has to take his place... whether he likes it or not!

Series 3 ("Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures")[edit]

A circus comes to Greenpatch and intrigues the town, however, the animals are begging to escape and get back to the countries they came from! Blinky, Nutsy and Flap leave their friends and Greenpatch behind, and bring along the circus animals in an effort to return them to their respective countries, but the circus owners, Basil and Cyril, are constantly on their tail, and want Blinky for themselves! With Blinky, Flap, Nutsy and their new friends travelling the world and on the run, the stakes have never been higher!

Episode Title Summary
1 The Great Escape The circus has come to Greenpatch, but the captive circus animals are seeking freedom! What will Blinky do?
2 Bushwhacked Using a makeshift balloon/caravan, Blinky and his new gang land in another part of the bush, where he teaches the circus animals survival skills... but soon realise that they're being chased!
3 Antarctic Adventure The first stop on the journey is Antartica, where the group attempt to reunite Slippery Seal with his family, but the Circus Bros. have braved the cold as well, and will stop at nothing to get everyone in their hands!
4 Polar Peril After a rough landing on the ice, Blinky and Nutsy go their separate ways to a human village to get some gas for the balloon, while the others form a search party to rescue Ling-Ling the panda from an icy abyss.
5 Flap's New Family A baby penguin who boarded the caravan thinks Flap is his mother, so Blinky heads back to Antarctica to set things right.
6 A Stitch in Time On the way to Africa, Blinky becomes impatient and tries to get them there faster, but Nutsy reminds him of his recklessness in a mine back in Australia...
7 Leo Leads the Way Arriving in the African Plains, Blinky takes Leo home, but Rex, the king of the Mumbada pride, and son of Leo, does not welcome his father due to his cowardice. Things get worse when the Circus Bros. capture Rex, his own son, and Blinky! Will Leo get over his own cowardly nature?
8 Monkey Business Elsewhere in Africa, Blinky comes across a monkey tribe. Yoyo discovers that they are actually chimps. After feeling insulted by Blinky's gang, Yoyo wanders off. Tico sabotages the balloon and sets a trap for Blinky involving Yoyo and the Circus Bros. The Circus Bros. are driven away by the chimp tribe and Flap coaxes Yoyo to rejoin his friends and continue his search for home.
9 Diamonds Are Forever Blinky tries to copy Ling-Ling's magic disappearing trick on Penelope's diamond necklace, but Tico gets a hold of it and takes it to the Circus Bros! The chase for Penelope's necklace is on!
10 Blinky's Birthday Surprise In Africa, Blinky is angry that nobody cares about his birthday. Despite this, Tico gives Blinky a tracking device as a "birthday present" and the Circus Bros. use it to follow him. Meanwhile, back in Greenpatch, a birthday party for Blinky without the koala himself becomes disastrous!
11 Baby Elephant Walk The gang tries to leave Africa and attempt to head to China, but an elephant has taken the caravan and is using it to transport her calf. To make matters worse, the Circus Bros. are right on the gang's trail!
12 Operation Free Flap Over China, Flap falls out of the balloon and Blinky has to make an emergency landing. A boy named Hugh takes Flap and cares for him at home, but when the Circus Bros. arrive in China and see Flap on the local news, Blinky starts a getaway plan in order to stop them!
13 Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala As Blinky's gang search a village for Ling-Ling's Master, most of them get caught by the Circus Bros., disguised as a dragon. Blinky and Ling-Ling find and release the Master Panda, but Ling-Ling ends up captured as well! What will Blinky do?
14 Panda Pandemonium Blinky's gang finds the panda villagers and Ling-Ling is reunited with her parents, but the pandas are short of bamboo! With the Circus Bros. in pursuit of the gang, will Blinky make it out of China in time?
15 Jungle Bungles Blinky and gang reach the Amazon Jungle, and meet an aquaphobic anaconda.
16 Double Trouble Nutsy writes a letter to Greenpatch, in which she tells the story of how Blinky met a monkey that reminded him of himself in more than one way.
17 Tico's Choice Deeper in the Amazon jungle, Blinky meets a colony of toucans, who find Tico familiar. Tico directs Blinky's gang to the river and Blinky finally realises Tico's loyalty lies with Basil. Tico helps the Circus Bros. trap the toucans as well as Blinky's gang, but soon has a change of heart, as Tico rescues everyone and sends the Circus Bros. plummeting into the river. Having redeemed himself in the gang's eyes, Tico decides to stick with Blinky.
18 Poisoned Penelope Penelope poisons herself, and Blinky finds out the cure lies in a human village, while Tico finds out his species.
19 All at Sea Blinky's gang drift into a storm, and are forced to work together with the Circus Bros. if they want to live.
20 Tico Takes Charge The caravan arrives in India, with the Circus Bros. right behind them!
21 Tiger Taming The Circus Bros. hijack the balloon, and the gang traces it into a tiger habitat.
22 Monkey See, Monkey Do Blinky's gang reach Chandipur, however, Yoyo and Penelope are captured! Will they find a way out, will Yoyo find his habitat, and will Blinky, Nutsy and Flap get Penelope into France?
23 A Dog's Best Friend Blinky's gang arrive in Paris in search of Penelope's mistress, which envelops them in a crisis when the Circus Bros. capture the mistress' cat!
24 Blinky Bill Superstar Blinky becomes a superstar after being approached by a fashion designer, but Flap and Nutsy become fed up with his new lifestyle and attempt to head back to Australia without him! Will Blinky see the error of his ways?
25 Paris Au-Go-Go With their balloon destroyed, Blinky, Nutsy and Flap make their way to the airport. They decide to give themselves up to the Circus Bros. in order to get a ride to Australia, but after Basil tells them of his plan to take them to New York, they catch a plane back to where they belong!
26 How Green Is My Greenpatch Blinky, Flap and Nutsy finally make it back to Australia and reunite with their friends and family in Greenpatch. The Circus Bros. have followed them, however, and invade the town, nearly catching Blinky and his mum before being chased out by Danny, Daisy and Meatball. After narrowly evading capture, Blinky decides he has to give himself up to the Circus Bros. to save everybody else, only to find that Basil has gone insane and has started a bushfire to capture all of Greenpatch's citizens regardless! Eventually, Blinky is rescued by Nutsy, Cyril turns on Basil and summons the fire brigade to extinguish the bushfire, and Basil is arrested for his criminal activities as the citizens of Greenpatch celebrate their victory.

TV Movie ("Blinky Bill's White Christmas")[edit]

Episode Title Summary
TV Movie Blinky Bill's White Christmas Christmas is just around the corner, and while everyone in Greenpatch is decorating the town square, Blinky breaks Wombo's prized snowglobe. To make it up to him, Blinky promises that real snow will arrive in Greenpatch - he just needs to figure out how! While Nutsy and Splodge are tasked with figuring out how to create snow, Flap and Blinky leave Greenpatch to find a pine tree. However, when they come across an animal who lives in the pine forest, and two humans who are trying to catch it, the chase is on to get back to Greenpatch in time for that night's festivities!


  • The first two seasons of the series only featured two voice actors, being Keith Scott, who voiced the male characters, and Robyn Moore, who voiced the female characters as well as Blinky himself. The third season added more voice actors on top of Keith and Robyn, such as Drew Forsythe and Sarah Aubrey.
  • The series (as well as Blinky himself) is known as Vili Vilperi in Finland, and is hugely popular in said country, as well as Israel, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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