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Bleu Major, formerly known as JWthaMajestic (real name Jordann William Edwards; born January 22, 1996), is an artist, filmmaker, musician, entrepreneur, and Twitch streamer from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bleu Major in his VRChat avatar

Bleu discovered, and became a part of, the furry fandom in 2010 when he joined DeviantArt at the age of 14. He is best known as the creator of the World of Critterton, a shared story world centered around The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise, and as a co-creator of Tails from the Federation with Craig Black, Jacob Elmer and Elizabeth Mogan. This collection brings together Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart and its spin-off, Bloody Cutlass.

Bleu is also a Twitch streamer, having streamed since May 31, 2019 and making his debut as Bleu Major in 2022. He mainly streams Fortnite, VRChat, and Roblox, with many other games on occasion.

According to Bleu, being in the fandom for this long has allowed him to open up about his pansexuality.[1]


Bleu's fursona is a Fox with abnormally blue fur color. According to lore, it's the result of genetic mutation caused by divine intervention during his birth.


As a musician, his parents' vintage cassette tapes and vinyl records from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, contemporary top 40 radio, and more obscure tracks found on the Internet, namely experimental collectives such as PC Music, heavily inspired Bleu. As such, he sees himself as a hyperpop artist, akin to the likes of 100 gecs, among his biggest influences. Bleu also recounts how a friend introduced him to Skrillex at 14, which changed his life and how he approaches music. He primarily produces his music using FL Studio, which he has used to make beats for over 15 years.

Bleu has also taken on a mentorship role with music, tutoring two people so far: Nanochi (with whom he forms a music duo called bunnykit) and Infurnopawz (for whom he serves as a creative director). In April 2024, he formed the furry boy band RGB, consisting of Infurnopawz (Red), NIIC the Singing Dog (Green), and Bleu himself (Blue).[2]



Title Year
(feat. Infurnopawz)
As featured artist[edit]
Title Year
Journey to Freedom
(Infurnopawz feat. Bleu Major)

Extended plays[edit]

Title Details


Title Year Original Artist
Insomnia 2024 Craig David

MajesticBlue Studios[edit]

MajesticBlue Studios is a production company focusing on film, music, games, and experiences such as tailor-made worlds for virtual reality headsets. Formed in 2009 as a YouTube channel, it has become a vehicle for content shared around the world.


Record labels[edit]

  • Bombada Muzik - A label which focuses on more mainstream pop.
  • Red Castard Studios - A label jointly owned with Infurnopawz, which functions as a vanity label and virtual production studio.
  • RGB Studios - A label which combines the efforts of all three artists of RGB, while also being a hub for unconventional artists who go against the grain in terms of creativity[clarify] (a function that was originally reserved for Bombada before RGB was formed).


  1. Bleu reflects on being pansexual.
  2. Announcement of RGB's formation.

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