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Bleaker MUCK was a role-playing MUCK set in a post-apocalyptic future where mutants and shapeshifters were commonplace. Anthropomorphic characters were allowed with appropriate backgrounds.


[edit] Staff

[edit] Wizards

  • Morgan - Headwiz/Building/Characters
  • Hack - Helpstaff/Programmer/Jokes/Features/Roleplay

[edit] Former Wizards

  • Zero - Applications/Themes
  • Pandora - Player Relations/Science Genius Girl
  • Coraline - Building/Factions/Potpourri

[edit] Helpers

  • Fabrizio

[edit] Social groups

[edit] Zero Tolerance

  • Boss: Mr. Zero

[edit] Fenrir's Children

  • Wolf Lord: Navarre Eberhardt
  • Greybacks: Abbey McManus and Ilse Eberhardt

[edit] The Blood Meridian

  • Leader: Desmond Cusick
  • Second-in-Command: Machete

[edit] The Liberated Confederacy of Independents

  • Leader: Richard Hicks

[edit] The Entertainers' Guild

  • Guildmistress: Mara Phoenix

[edit] The Assassins' Guild

  • Guildmaster: Patrick Fabrizio

[edit] The Merchants' Guild

  • Guildmistress: Mauve Decarabia
  • Second-in-Command: Desmond Cusick

[edit] The Slavers' Guild

  • Guildmaster: James Muldoon
  • Second-in-Command: Vasili Babenkov
  • Heiress: Simone Muldoon
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