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Blaze Griffin (born May 6, 1982)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Granada, Andalucia, Spain.[1] His fursona is a gryphon.

Blaze is scheduled to be on the staff of Ibercamp 2013, organising activities.[2]

Personal Life[edit]

Born in Barcelona during 1982, north of Spain. On 1990 his human family moved to Granada, in the south of Spain, where he continues to live nowadays.

Discovered the furry fandom through the various oldschool Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog games and later on with Disney's The lion King, but his passions for Gryphons and other Mythicals later on after playing some years of D&D Second Ed and an intensive playing of the computer videogame Pinball Fantasies, which its splash screen was preciselly a gryphon.

In 1998 with the arrival of the internet to his town, began to rummage for mor info of gryphons, where he joined the Gryphon's Guild in 1999, there all the development of his fursona took place. Keeps being a Guilder nowadays.

Art story[edit]

During all these years began to draw and opened a private gallery in the now deceased Geocities, but the website died when Geocities was absorved by Yahoo, whose deleted the directory of webs. After that, moved on to Elfwood where placed all his old works. After some years also opened a gallery on DeviantArt and SheezyArt, but when the policy of no-adult arts was enforced on Sheezy, moved alongside many other members in protest for this measure, so he opened a Furaffinity gallery, where continues to upload the commissions he buys to artists, since stopped drawing 4 years ago due huge artist block, family issues and some other stuffs all togheter. He continues to be daily active both at Devian and Furrafinity.


His fursona is an standard gryphon named Blaze, the name came from an old name he read on an book, Blayce, which transformed onto something diferent by removing Y, resulting Blace, but as he was quite interested in the W40k and the ork's way of speak, swapped the C by an Z, thus Blaze was the ending name... much to his surprise later on when discovered it had meaning in english.

Phisically has forehalf of golden eagle and hindhalf of african lion; Golden eyes, golden scaled avian forelimbs & beak. White underside of the wings; all the rest of feathers & fur is an bright orange though the fur is a bit less bright that the feathering. Green neo cattletags on both ears and an wristwatch in left forelimb.

In the beggining, he was all full brown, but after some days at the Gryphon's Guild, decided he needed to be more unique, thus decided to go full bright orange and add the eartags and wristwatch. All those changes where reflected on his personal story, whose has at half-write somewhere.


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