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Jayson Husky, is a UK fur who lives in Bath, Somerset, England. He is of Australian/British descent, and is a musician, web designer, and software developer.


Jayson joined the fandom in early 2006 via the DeviantArt website before moving to FurAffinity in November 2007.

Jayson is responsible for the creation of a small number of furry websites, including Furcity (which he later abandoned), the Subfurvient website, and his own website. He is also responsible for the concept of FurTube.

In 2012 he began work on a web development project to provide a functional rewrite of the Fur Affinity website, during this project he began to use the name "JaysonHusky Studios" to publish the project and future products.


Outside of the fandom, Jayson has several hobbies, those that take up most of his spare time include web design and music. The former has since worked its way into the fandom, as he has spent time actively developing websites for various reasons, either as personal projects or websites for fursuit companies. Examples of his designs for companies include MixedCandy and Faruku Costumes. His music interests however remain outside the fandom.

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