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BlazeWarriorWolf, also known as Fireking492 (real name Adam), is a gay artist, writer, and vocalist from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


BlazeWarriorWolf is a part of the Heavy Metal, Hardcore punk, and Rock N Roll communities, the Koaster Kids/Thrills United community, the Miitopia fandom, and various others. In recent years, he has emerged as a prominent online figure with over 810 followers on Twitter as of January 18, 2020. He is also known by many as a frequent theme part visitor (having ridden over 130 roller coasters) and a good person.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Blaze joined the furry fandom on Valentines Day, 2019 after he noticed one of his followers was a furry and got curious. Eventually, he did the necessary basic research about the furry fandom and stated one of the reasons he joined was to rebel against the norms and expectations of society.

Along with being a member of the Ohio Furries' Facebook where he posts all his furry related art and comments, he is highly active on Twitter and regularly interact with other furries and members of other subcultures.


His fursona is a bright red wolf with a lightning mark on the right side of his face, orange hair, and a bright green scarf. Blaze was abandoned by his mother and lived quite the life before being shot and killed by a hunter and reviving in the anthro world mentioned earlier in his true form not as a mature grey wolf but in anthro form. He is known to be a very happy and friendly wolf and a sword wielder in training.

Convention attendance[edit]


Beyond fanart, he has also published multiple artworks to the internet which can be mainly found on Twitter and Furry Amino.


Blaze`s favorite genres include Death Metal, Industrial Metal , Hardcore Punk, Hard Rock , Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, and Shock Rock, among others.

He cites acts such as Scorpions, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Of Mice & Men, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, Death, Rammstein, Metallica, Skillet, Rob Zombie, Queen, Weird Al Yankovic, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Swashbuckle, and Dead Kennedys as influences in various ways such as in vocal styles and songwriting. From August to December 2019, he attended guitar class. Currently, he actively writes original and parodies songs in addition to honing vocals in the evenings.


  • An Unexpected Adventure Of Insanity - An Unexpected Adventure Of Insanity started in April of 2018 but discontinued in July of that year due to interpersonal problems. The story features a team of heroes who team up with various allies to help fight the antagonist of the original story it is based on.
  • The Saga Of Fun Land - The Saga Of Fun Land was created initially as a side story set in the Animal Crossing New Leaf town of Fun Land. Many of the same characters from An Unexpected Adventure Of Insanity became members of the story which is ongoing and about the Fun Land life of Kind Warrior Adam (aka alternate version of the person behind the stories) where he and many others fight off many evil forces while having the thrill of a lifetime such as having fun on Christmas and Halloween. The first chunk of the story has many villains appear such as Slappy from Goosebumps and a vampire lord from The Sims 4 along with villains Blaze created himself. Later on, after they are gone, a new villain called the SDL moves in and wreaks havoc many times while also taking over many parts of the collective multiverse. Key characters besides Adam include his fursona Blaze, Number monster Smokeflare, Pop Star Austin, Ninja Isaac, Thief Carlos, Captain Blaster, Fluffy Afro, Great Sage Brayden, Mage Julia, and ACNL's Isabelle. The story was concluded in November 2019 with a grand finale.
  • The Reveal - A short one chapter story called The Reveal was released in September of 2018 to clear up any confusion resulting from a rebranding of An Unexpected Adventure to being nothing more than a dream and to tease a later story called Miis Go To Hogwarts.
  • Tribute To Firehawk - Tribute To Firehawk was released to pay respects to Kings Island Vekoma Flying Dutchman coaster, Firehawk which was previously located at former theme park Geauga Lake from 2001 to 2007 relocated to Kings Island for the 2008 season and was one of Blaze`s favorite rides in the entire 365 acre property Kings Island is situated on and it had him and some of his characters go to Kings Island to say goodbye and make a short performance.
  • Fluffy Afro and The Wacky Clowns - Fluffy Afro and The Wacky Clowns set in the world of Sims 4. It is part adventure in the life of former circus clown Fluffy Afro and his friends The Wacky Clowns family composed of vampires and aliens, part character introduction as many other characters from other stories are able to introduce themselves, and part performing due to a large number of songs written up for the story some of which will see the light of day as real songs. Currently, a 4 part story, the 5th and 6th chapters(was originally going to be an 8 part) are complete and will be released eventually
  • Miis Go To Hogwarts - Miis Go To Hogwarts a story set in a world that fuses the worlds of Harry Potter and Yugioh Duel Monsters. The story is set when Harry Potter is in his 5th year at Hogwarts and has much of the main cast from other stories attending Hogwarts with Adam being appointed professor of Muggle Studies and later leading a revolution against the three main factions of the ongoing wizarding conflict.
  • BlazeWarriorWolfs Nutty Life - [1] A story that occurs after the events of The Saga Of Fun Land set in a fictional world called FurWorld which contains 15 lands. However, the protagonist is BlazeWarriorWolf rather than his human as he sets out with others to put a stop to the plans of Freddie the anti-wolf. The cast of characters is a combination of OCs and individuals in the furry fandom.


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