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Ember and Blanko, as drawn by Raccoon Drew.

Ember Komodog (also known under the name Selkies and formerly Cym) is a fatfur and inflation artist. He discovered the furry fandom in late 2005 while searching the internet for pictures of dragons. He is a furry hobbyist rather than a lifestyler.

Ember is a massive fan of Progressive Metal band, Dream Theater. Ember is a graduate of Cardiff University. Ember has done work in student radio and magazine production.

Ember was born in the United Kingdom, but has also spent considerable time living in other countries, including 5 years in Belgium, and 8 years in the Republic of Ireland.

He is currently in a relationship with Lazerus101.


[edit] Characters

Ember Komodog

[edit] Ember

Ember's fursona has gone through several design changes since it's conception in 2005. It was originally designed to be a red and brown dragon with the name of Cym. A name change was in order though in late 2006, due to an embarrassing mis-pronunciation that most people attached to this name. Ember's mate (at the time) Leon Fauve (creator of the FMV series') suggested the name "Ember" due to the primarily red colouration of the fursona. The name was adopted, and has stuck ever since.

The fursona is not in actual fact a dragon any more though, more a mix between a dog and a dragon, which Ember dubbed a "komodo dog" as he once considered making it a mix between a komodo dragon and a dog. Though, it was shortened to "komodog" soon after. However, it simply became easier to explain to people that it was part dragon, not part komodo dragon, but the name has stuck ever since. It can best be described as a dragon without wings, but with fur.

In late 2007, a fursuit of Ember was commissioned, it made its public debut in September 2008 at Brumcon 3.

[edit] Blanko

In early 2007, Ember decided to create a secondary fursona, a mix of a fox and a husky called "Blanko" for which he would adopt as a fursuiting character. He commissioned Joecifur to create Blanko for him. He made his debut at Midwest Furfest 2007.

He has since taken Blanko to several public outings, as well as to Confuzzled in 2008, and Brumcon 2 in the same year.

[edit] Minor characters

  • Mollig: a large brown kodiak bear with a monocle and moustache.
  • Vimto: a purple orca, named after the drink of the same name.
  • Watermelon: a green, purple and yellow dragon.
  • Tunnulik: a pink and purple walrus with a yellow belly-patch.

[edit] Ember Explains It All

Ember, the man himself

Ember gained internet-based fame, due to a series of rant videos, centered around aspects of the furry fandom, and popular culture. however, the series was ended in early 2008, with Ember deleting the videos from YouTube. The reasoning given for the removal was to negate the negative reputation he was earning within the fandom.

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