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Lord Blake, art by RiceGnat.
His newest rendition of Blake, circa 2010
His late '09 appearance
The insignia for Lord Blake's still unnamed cult.

Lord Blake (April 10th, 1993), also known as Yobutt5, BrEAKingspelL and r4ds1234, is a furry artist, and freelance hacker.

For quite a while, Blake used the false last name "Williams", but after a while, he dropped that name and was simply known as "Blake". As of mid-2010, however, he has unofficially taken the title "Lord" and prefers to be called "Lord Blake"

Fandom involvement[edit]

Blake came to the fandom with the mindset of a troll, intending to wreak havoc and stir up trouble, hence the goofy username. After a while of lurking, observing the fandom, he began to embrace the fandom, eventually considering himself a proper furry. He has stayed strong toward the fandom, and has assembled somewhat of a cult following comprised of many devoted friends.


Blake's fursona is named after him, and is a one-winged silver fox. He wields a scythe, and has some spiritual abilities, such as levitation, psychokinesis, and mental influence. He is specifically able to draw on the power of Nothing, represented by a gray and white checkerboard pattern (the pattern for transparency in many drawing programs). He wears a modified Japanese Gakuran trench coat, with his insignia on the left arm.

His original design was a red fox, with two-toned hair, resembling a flame, and a skateboard. Over the years, changes in his design have changed him to a silver fox, sporting the same hair, but much longer and shaggier. His demeanor has changed dramatically as well. Blake is flamboyantly evil, sadistic, and is gleeful about it. This is a sharp contrast from the simple skateboard punk image he started out with. His gakuran resembles a dictator's uniform, and Blake has expressed vivid interest in ruling over things.

For a time, Blake tried merging his fursona and his appearance in real life, giving Lord Blake steely blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Blake dyed his hair dark blonde in April of 2010, and gave his fursona the to the two-toned hair again, while keeping the light blue eyes.

Bad blood[edit]

In early 2009, Lord Blake split his fursona into 2 parts, to reflect the division after a cataclysmic change in his family. That split-fursona eventually became a character of his, and while he adopted one side as his permanent fursona, the other side wasn't forgotten. He had ideas of starting a webcomic, Bad Blood, with that personality as the main character, and for almost 2 years, has been planning to go through with it, bringing it up off and on over the years. Bad Blood.co.nr was registered in the summer of 2009, but has been dormant for a year. Due to the effect of Development Hell, the original story is all but scrapped and the site's current state should be disregarded.

He always stated that when he obtained a tablet, he'd start immediately on the comic, and he received a tablet for Christmas in 2010, but he hasn't made any notions towards starting the comic.

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