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Blake Trent O'Quinn, also known as Blake Otter and previously known as Xander Scaggs (born June 27, 1983)[1] is a babyfur and sometime artist who lives in Liverpool, New York, U.S.A.[1] with his mate, Simba B. He enjoys working with his local Fire Department as a First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician.


Xander Scaggs' fursona was a kangaroo. By early 2011, Xander had faded into the background, and Blake the otter had become his "dominant furry personality".[2]

Blake has attended a number of conventions, both furry and sci-fi-themed. While he does like to attend them for fun, you can commonly find him working on staff in one form or another. Conventions he has attended so far are Anthrocon (06, 07), Confluence (08), Eeriecon (08), and FurFright (06-07). He can be spotted by his distinctive black hat.


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